ctrlX Configurator - Release Notes Version 1.2103.06

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  • Wrong text colors in info i´s
    ID 260749
    Some of the info i´s in the drive integrated Control Configurator show different text colors.

  • Connections in project missing
    ID 264742
    In a saved and loaded project the connections between the products are missing.

  • Different text sizes in the project list
    ID 269018
    In the project list dialogue, some of the text fields have different text sizes.



  • ctrlX DRIVE: Aspect ratio of the drive diagrams
    ID 241651
    In the product details of the drives and servo motors the aspect ratio of the drive diagrams is not correct.

  • ctrlX DRIVE: Gearbox dimensions switched
    ID 244945
    In the dimensions of the gearboxes two parameters are switched.

  • ctrlX DRIVE: MS2N06 servo motors in combination with single-stage gearboxes
    ID 235673
    The MS2N06 servo motors are now only available with single-stage gearboxes in the product configurator.

  • ctrlX DRIVE: Configuration conflict with ATEX
    ID 273965
    In the configuration of the servo motor a configuration conflict shows up, when selecting the characteristic ATEX.

  • ctrlX DRIVE: False motor variant
    ID 276301
    The product configurator selects at a specific torque the wrong motor variant.

  • ctrlX CORE: Order of software license type codes
    ID 258130
    In the Embedded control configurator, the order of the software license type codes is false.

  • ctrlX IPC: Connection of drive integrated Control and IPC
    ID 260498
    In the Graphic View the connection of a drive integrated Control with an IPC is not possible.

  • ctrlX IPC: False characteristic values in remote display
    ID 287149
    The parameter “Display Connection Type” shows too many characteristic values.

  • Solution Drive Set Single Axis
    ID 147606 / ID 163356
    At a specific torque the false motor variant is selected in the solution “Drive set single axis”.

  • Graphic View: Error in Connections downloads
    ID 293675
    In the details dialogue of connections there are wrong downloads shown and the downloads don´t work properly.



  • False characteristics in the project summary
    ID 252147
    In the project summary the false characteristics are shown for the power supply.

  • False product description in the project summary
    ID 258532
    In the project summary there are false product descriptions for the Embedded control.

  • S20 I/O in CSV
    ID 286570
    The S20 I/O station is not displayed correct in the CSV file. 



  • Reduced entry points on landing page 
    The entry points to the configurator has been reduced to "Start a new project" and "Edit your project".

  • Rework of the "add products" dialogue
    ID 276429
    The "add products dialogue" has been changed from a modal dialogue to a non-modal hideable sidebar.

  • Product search for material numbers and type codes
    ID 276753
    In the add products area the product search for material numbers and type codes is now available.

  • Support SVG graphics of the drive diagrams
    ID 166176
    The drive diagrams are now displayed as SVG graphics in the details dialogue.

  • Mail address check
    ID 203237
    The text input fields for mail addresses now check the inserted mail on address standards.

  • Warning dialogue when deleting projects
    ID 269027
    When the user deletes a project, there is now a warning dialogue.



  • ctrlX DRIVE: Drive diagrams in German and English
    ID 203053
    The language of the drive diagrams now depends on the selected language in the ctrlX Configurator.

  • ctrlX DRIVE: Configuration with Characteristic Values
    ID 194025
    It is now possible to limit the automatic search of product variants in the configurators of ctrlX DRIVE for drives and motors. By specifying the desired sizes, an accelerated configuration of the desired product by the user takes place.

  • ctrlX DRIVE: Revision of servo motor configurator
    ID 196446
    In the servo motor product configurator new parameters have been added, defaults have been changed and new servo motor variants have been integrated.

  • ctrlX DRIVE: Brake resistors
    ID 206792
    The brake resistors for ctrlX DRIVE are now available in the product configurators.

  • ctrlX DRIVE: Mains filter
    ID 206794
    The calculation of the mains filter for ctrlX DRIVE is updated.

  • ctrlX IPC: Support of PR3 and VR3
    ID 218836
    PR3 and VR3 have been implemented and are now available in the product configurators.

  • ctrlX IPC: Support of PR21
    ID 222821
    PR21 has been implemented and is now available in the product configurator.

  • ctrlX IPC: Web element for operator panel
    ID 248213
    The web element of the option “Operator panel” has been changed from a dropdown to a checkbox.

  • ctrlX I/O
    ID 221713
    The product family ctrlX I/O has been implemented and is now available in the product configurator.

  • Multi-axes solutions
    ID 254905
    The cartesian handling solutions have been updated and changed to more general solutions.

  • Subheadings in product configurators
    ID 260800
    In the product configurators subheadings to group the characteristics are now available.



  • Support SVG graphics of the drive diagrams in the PDFs
    ID 182993
    The drive diagrams are now exported as SVG graphics into the PDF summaries.

  • Sorting of the project list
    ID 272420
    The sorting of the project list does now update when closed and opened again.


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