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Starting with release 1.2103.06 of ctrlX Configurator it is possible to limit the automatic search of product variants in the configurators of ctrlX DRIVE for drives and motors. By specifying the desired sizes, an accelerated configuration of the desired product by the user takes place. Below is a description of how to use the new filter function.

Open filter dialog

In the product configurators of ctrlX DRIVE product family, the power range can be preset by selecting the desired product variants. To do this, the filter dialog is opened by clicking the button as shown in the figure below.


In the dialog, all performance values of the product variants of ctrlX DRIVE are listed. By clicking on "show more" the list is extended with further available variants.


Selection of power sizes

The filter setting for the automatic product selection by the configurator is made by selecting the desired power sizes for drives or sizes of motors in the filter dialog. The filtering must be confirmed by pressing the "ACCEPT" button. In the configuration dialog, a note informs the user about the set filter. In addition, the number of set filters is displayed on the button of the filter dialog. At the same time, the setting range of the application-related services is restricted. By clicking the "RESET FILTERS" button, the user can remove the set restrictions.



The first example below shows by selecting "XCS/XMS 100 A" the restriction of possible product variants of ctrlX DRIVE to a power size up to 100 A. In addition, the possible setting ranges of maximum current and continuous current are restricted.



The second example for the motors of ctrlX DRIVE below shows the restriction of possible product variants to size 05 by selecting "MSN05/MS2E05". In addition, the possible setting ranges of maximum torque, standstill torque and maximum speed are restricted.



The third example for the power supplies of ctrlX DRIVE below shows the restriction of possible product variants to continous power by selecting "XVR 45W". In addition, the possible setting ranges of maximum required power and continous DC bus power are restricted.




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