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This system runtime app is part of the basic firmware of the ctrlX CORE control and is delivered pre-installed as standard. The system runtime app is not available separately, but can be updated individually in the engineering of the ctrlX CORE.

The Automation Core App takes care of the scheduling of tasks. It ensures a clear prioritization or hierarchy of the tasks according to which they are processed in the control and is therefore the basis for the real-time capability. In addition to extensive diagnostic functions, the ctrlX data layer is an important part of the app. This data layer manages all information available on the ctrlX CORE, which can be securely accessed by all apps. The ctrlX data layer is thus the data backbone of the machine, since all data is transparently available here and thus represents the key for future machine learning solutions.

Option "ctrlX Data Layer"

The ctrlX DataLayer is part of the Automation Core App of the System Runtime on the ctrlX CORE. The ctrlX Data Layer forms a data layer that manages all information available on the ctrlX CORE and which can be securely accessed by all apps. Communication takes place via standardized protocols such as REST HTTPS, OPC UA. So that customers can use the information on the DataLayer in order to run their own apps on the ctrlX CORE exclusively or in addition, access to the ctrlX DataLayer can be acquired with the following licenses.

If a non-real-time communication with the data layer is sufficient, only the SWL-XC*-RUN-DLACCESSNRT**-NNNN license is required. If, on the other hand, communication with the data layer is required in realtime, the upgrade license SWL-XC*-RUN-DLACCESSRT***-NNNN must be purchased.

ctrlX CORE - Automation Core App
is part of the basic firmware
  ctrlX CORE - Data Layer Access Non-Realtime License
  ctrlX CORE -  Data Layer Access Realtime License (add-on)

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