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ctrlX AUTOMATION - Motion

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Community Manager

The ctrlX MOTION app provides the basic motion functions for single axis positioning.

  • Can be used for up to 4 axes per controller
  • Standard version with max. 4 interpolating axes per kinematic (no export restriction)*
  • Support for linear, rotary and modulo axes as real or virtual axes
  • Operation of axes in positioning mode.
  • PLC Open command library
  • Jog and Teach operating mode
  • Unit switching from mm to inch
  • Operation of gantry axle sets with position coupling
  • Override setting in % for speed and/or acceleration/deceleration
  • Movement of axes to fixed stop with defined torque
  • Use of ctrlX DRIVE for probe function
  • Use of Rest-API commands for motion command
  • Collision detection of servo axes in 1 dimension

The range of functions can be extended by optional technology packages for robotics and handling or systems with axis synchronization requirements.

*) Special export restricted app variant for interpolation with more than 4 axes per kinematics available.

Option "Motion Standard 10 Axes"

This option provides the basic motion functions for single axis positioning and can be used for up to 10 axes per controller. All other functions are described above and are the same as for "ctrlX MOTION app".

Option "Additional 5 Axes"

This option extends the motion app with further 5 axes. This license can be added one time. The maximum number of 64 axes has to be taken into account.

Option "Cartesian Kinematics"

This option extends the basic motion function by specific functionality for Cartesian handling applications.

  • Coordinated path movements
  • Jog motion for complete kinematic
  • Collision detection of servo axes in 3 dimensions
  • Smoothing movements with spline cornering
  • Addtional coordinate systems e.g. for product or endeffector
  • Manual guidance of TCP

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