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The UA.TestClient is an easy to use client to test any UA Server. The client is optimized for Bosch Rexroth UA Server's, especially for the built-in ctrlX CORE UA Server

UA.TestClient is a test tool, if you want to focus on practical usage instead of being an UA Expert.

Please see here how easy it is to connect the UA.TestClient to the ctrlX CORE UA Server.

Connect the UA.TestClient to the ctrlX CORE UA ServerConnect the UA.TestClient to the ctrlX CORE UA Server


The UA.TestClient provides a set of features and creatable views to cover mostly used test scenarios:

  • Connect to any UA Server using state-of-the-art security profiles
  • Browse the address space
  • Certificate / Authorisation management
  • Server/Session/Subscription Diagnostics
  • Server Load Diagnostics
  • Save/Load Sessions

Data Access View

This view covers Data Access (DA):

  • Read/Write/Subscribe Nodes
  • Call Methods
  • Add Nodes
  • Find Nodes
  • Find Data Type of a Node
  • Copy Node / Browse Path to Clipboard
  • Control of Subscription- and Monitoring-Options

Data Access ViewData Access View

Alarms Conditions View

This view covers Alarms & Conditions (AC):

  • Subscribe for Events and Conditions (including custom Events)
  • Disable / Enable
  • Acknowledge or confirm Alarms
  • Refresh Conditions

Alarms Conditions ViewAlarms Conditions View

Historical Events View

This view covers Historical Events (HE):

  • Read the history of UA Server events from a given start to end date

Historical Events ViewHistorical Events View

Historical  Data View

This view covers Historical Data (HDA):

  • Read the history of stored data of a node (if node has property HistoryRead)

Historical Data ViewHistorical Data View

Historical  Data Processed View

This view covers processed Historical Data (HDA):

  • Read the processed or aggregated history of stored data of a node (if node has property HistoryRead), like mean, max, min, ...

Historical Data Processed ViewHistorical Data Processed View

Be aware of new upcoming features, soon.
Have fun using UA.TestClient!

Version 2.6.0



  • Upgraded to .NET 8.0
  • Updated to UA SDK 3.4.1
  • Rich support for binary encoded ExtensionsObjects (Structures, Unions, ...).
Release Notes
  • Download and see README.html and CHANGELOG.html

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