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Which hardware do I need for ctrlX MOTION?

The ctrlX MOTION app is running on our ctrlX CORE (standalone controller), ctrlX DRIVEplus with ctrlX CORE (drive integrated ) or even on ctrlcontrollerX COREvirtual (controller emulation) on your engineering PC.

What do you mean with web-based engineering?

The ctrlX CORE has a web server where the motion parametrization and commissioning pages are hosted as HTML-Pages. So you can use a browser to edit them. You still need desktop engineering apps, if you want to do ICE61131 programming.

How do I command the ctrlX MOTION?
  • There is an integrated REST API that can be used to control the whole system via https requests. See how-to.
  • It is possible to use ctrlX PLC programmable in ICE61131 using functions, PLC open function blocks (CXA_PLCOpen) and a motion interface (CXA_MotionInterface) like in the former systems.
  • Also it is possible to use a Python script with our integrated interpreter.
  • Further a self created C/C++, C# and Python application can be installed as a snap on our system that uses functions out of provided libraries from Boschrexroth. See more information.

What happens if you call the motion function with the same data every cycle?

Then you also send the command in each cycle to the kernel but as you are on the same position already nothing will happen.

Do you have a good way of knowing when the movement command is finished?

For the function you have to check the command ID for the status of the command. Or use the PLC open funktion blocks or the motion interface status bits.

Do you provide a graphical programming tool for ctrlX MOTION?

To enable an easy start using ctrlX MOTION, we offer a graphical programming system in the IDE app. With this system, also complex motion can be programmed simply by arranging predefined elements (blocks). However, expert programmers can subsequently switch to an interpreted higher-level programming language, e.g. Python, at the push of a button and further refine the motion program. First release of the coresponding app is planned end of November 2020.

How many commands can be stored within the axis/kinematic buffer?

At the moment there is no limitation.

Could we act on the motion command buffer? For instance to change the content of the buffer to react on an event in order to change the path?

At the moment there are buffered an non buffered commands. Last ones will interrupt the actual command and will immediately be started. All buffered commands will be lost in that case.

Is the buffer cleared in case of error on the axis or axis disable for instance because of "Emergency Stop" or "safe Motion"?

Buffer will completely be emptied in that cases.

Error reaction with gantry axis?

As long at it is an light error in one of the participants of the gantry the control will decelerate coordinated. If there is an heavy error like communication loss each axis will do its own error reaction.

Can we  set  operation mode of drive under the motion?
(CSP-Cyclic synchronous position or CSV-Cyclic synchronous velocity or CST-Cyclic synchronous torque)

At the moment only cyclic position mode is available.


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