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Great that you would like to become ctrlX World Partner!

With this How-to we would like to give you an overview of the ctrlX World Business Process, share important resources and links with you.


ctrlX World Business Process

The ctrlX World Partner Onboarding process consists of 10 steps in 3 phases:


  1. Evaluation phase : We setup everything you find to start working with ctrlX AUTOMATION and us on your solution. We give you access to our partner information and software repository. We discuss with you your solution idea and it fit into the ctrlX World ecosystem. The target is to reach the ready for project status to actually start working.
  2. Joining phase : You will dive deeper into our software in order to understand the efforts that your solution needs to be realized on ctrlX AUTOMATION. We define the business model together. We use the reseller model but let you suggest us the possbile licence structure and recommended market price for your solution. We sign a Letter of Intend together after formal approval of our business unit management to make you offcial ctrlX World partner. We also start with first marketing to find better common business opportunities. You will get an entry on our ctrlX World website, you will enter our sales presentations and we would like you to link also from your website to our ctrlX AUTOMATION website. The target of this phase is to reach the ready to show status.
  3. Release phase : We work together to make your solution ready to sell via our ctrlX Store and sales team. You will need to sign our Distribution Framework Agreement in which we define the licence purchase from you and the reselling process. Support of your solution must be done by you, because you are the expert of it. We introduce your solution into our sales process that means it is sellable in the same way as any Bosch Rexroth app. Your app will be tested by our app validation team. There are some development guidelines that you need to consider for this process. After the successful validation your app will be uploaded to our software repository and its licences can be purchased by our customers in the ctrlX Store or directly from the sales team.

Congratulations, you have than reached the ready to sell status!


Step 01 - Initial Setup

We have 4 ctrlX World partner information sources:

  1. ctrlX AUTOMATION Community - this community with forums for your questions, the ctrlX Store with the exiting apps and this HowTo sections. Please get a personal login, it is separated from the following sources.
  2. Software Repository Collaboration Room - We store all our software there: the engineering tool ctrlX WORKS with the virtual ctrlX CORE control, the software development kit (SDK), the ctrlX Apps.
  3. Software Development Kit @ GitHub - Public repository incl. examples, documentation and the ctrlX CORE App Development Guideline.
  4. ctrlX World Partner Portal - this is our external sharepoint for our collaboration with you. You will find here the legal framework, marketing information, app development and release information and you have your partner folder for all data exchange.

Please register here. We need you contact data (email, mobile phone and company name) and need to manually give you access afterwards. Maybe you will get an error message not having access rights in the beginning. We will send you an email once all access is given.

We will sign an NDA with you.


Step 02 - Partnership fit from all sides
  1. What is your solution and which value propostion do we create together with ctrlX AUTOMATION for our customers?
  2. We need to check the business fit, portfolio fit and technical fit from our side and the level of integration needed in the ctrlX AUTOMATION platform.
  3. After successfully mastering this step, the ctrlX World team will decide to grant you the ready for project status and the next steps could follow.


Step 03 - Partner is ready for implementation

In this step you will dive deeper on the technical level to understand what is the ctrlX AUTOMATION architecture and how to best implement your solution as an app (software container) on the platform. You will get familiar with the examples from the software development kit (SDK) and get some personal support from one of our application engineers if needed.

After the software download start with our quick start guides and tutorials:

Software Development Kit (SDK) tutorials:

  • Get your programming toolchain ready for ctrlX AUTOMATION [VIDEO]  -  [DOCU]
  • Learn the Basics [VIDEO]
  • Learn about non-realtime (NRT) apps [VIDEO]
  • Learn about realtime (RT) apps [VIDEO]

Collection of how-to videos for ctrlX AUTOMATION and ctrlX developR Series on YouTube

You can find our ctrlX CORE Apps Development Guideline here.

If needed you can buy a ctrlX CORE controller to a partner price level, ask you partner manager to start the process for you.


Steps 04 - 10

By now you will have access to the ctrlX World Partner Portal. Have a look at our ctrlX World Business Process in the extended version as PDF. In your partner folder there is already a ctrlX World Partner Cockpit defining the next steps to workon together with us!

Please have a look and we will see us there!

Hi, I'm Michael and I work in the Bosch Rexroth ctrlX World team. We build and orchestrate the ctrlX World Business Ecosystem. Contact me if you want to know more about it or if you would like to be part of it!

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