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The app is currently not available

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The app is currently not available


Last week the access to the controller worked perfectly

Now I geht this message

  • The "Service Mode" is currently active. Please switch to "Operation Mode" and try again
  • The app is currently being initialized. This may take a while, the page will refresh automatically.

How should I switch the mode, if I can't get online

Pinging the Controller ist possilbe.

What can I do?

Thank you


Re: The app is currently not available

Could you please tel us, what the last steps were before shutting down?

Did you try to empty your browser cache and connect to the control again?

What is light pipe flash code? Probably you are stuck while booting somewhere.

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Re: The app is currently not available

I switched off the power supply friday afternoon.

Before I updated the system apps to the actual versions and installed all apps coming from the download folder

On friday everything works perfect

I emptied the cache, but it did not help

The LED is flashing blue most of the time

Sometimes green and sometimes red.

Thank you for your help

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Re: The app is currently not available

Hi RainerFuchs,

in the current version we have an issue when the memory is full the DeviceAdmin App doesn't start anymore which ends up in the situation you describe.

This can happen when you have to many apps on your control, even older versions of one app count.

Or if you have an app which writes on the disk and fills it up.

For the Version 1.8.x or older you have the following possibilities.

If you have a root user and ssh enabled connect with ssh and delete apps.

If not you can together with you partner from Bosch Rexroth image the control or send it to the Service.