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Licenses not working in WORKS

Licenses not working in WORKS

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I have bought the WebIQ 1 Year license. On the Readme of the colleberation room I read that i should activate it via: 

Activate PC-based Designer license in ctrlX WORKS (Settings>Licenses>Upload license file)

I am using a Virtual Machine to run ctrlX WORKS. In my VM i'll get the following error when I am opening License in WORKS:


(Error text: HTTP server error
Internal server error (500) · A service system error was encountered: Failed file open. [1,7E5,9,0[73000041,5,400703F3]] · 080F0200 · 0C7A0200) 

What is weird is that the Licensing in WORKS does work in my host. I do have a good internet connection in my VM. 

I want to use WebIQ in my VM. What should i do to get it working in the VM? 

Kind Regards



Community Moderator
Community Moderator

As you registered your PC and ctrlX WORKS in our licensing center to generate a license file, this file is bound to your unique Windows ID and cannot be used on several PCs. Therefore you need to go through the same process inside your VM and get another license to be able to work with it.

i'm encoutering the same problem with the licenses within CtrlX WORKS on a VM (VMWare). 

@CodeShepherd you solution doesnt work withing my VM because i dont get the options to register the device. 

Even if I go to the license webside directly (within the VM) no ID is generated. When i do it outside of the VM (host PC) the ID is filed in already. 

Does anyone have a solution to register the VM?


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Community Moderator

Working fine on my side.

Could you please describe your way to register more precise?

  • Which steps exactly are taken?
  • Which exact Windows OS version is used?
  • Which user account (SingleKey ID, formerly known as Bosch-ID) is used?

You can write me a private message if you do not like to post all data here.

I’m using VMWare workstation to host the Virtual machine. The OS on the VM is Windows 10 Pro N, Version 22H2. The installed CtrlX works version is 1.18.2.

After setting up the VM, CtrlX works is installed, within the VM we have access to the internet, and are able to connect to the CtrlX Core and download the code(with CtrlX PLC Engineering).

After I start up CtrlX Works (on the VM) and go to Setting -> Licenses, I get the HTTP server error message, with nothing else visible on the licenses page.


 While when I installed CtrlX Works on a colleague’s system (Non VM), I got a few options to select on the licenses screen.


I’ll sent the user account via private message.


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a ctrlX COREvirtual will be very slow running inside VMWare in a PC.

The licensing problem can be caused by a invalid trusted storage.

Please stop ctrlX WORKS, then delete the folder "C:\ProgramData\Rexroth\TrustedStorage" restart ctrlX WORKS and the problem should be solved.



This seems to be the solution for me. 
Thank you