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ctrlX SAFETY C15 cyclic data not addable in ctrlX PLC Engineering

ctrlX SAFETY C15 cyclic data not addable in ctrlX PLC Engineering

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I have a bit of similar problem with the PLC.

Safex C15 is appearing to the datalayer realtime, but I can't add it to the PLC (nothing happens when I try to move it on the PLC project). 



All other devices are possible to be moved on the project. Only workaround is to select 'Insert all data to ctrlX Core again', but it gives error (see the image) and all data is unusable on the Safex.


I'm using PLC engineering version 1.16.1 and I have been able to do these steps before, but now something seems to block it. 


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Community Moderator

Moved this thread to own topic from this post.

Hello CodeShepherd,

you refer to a problem with a mismatch between ESI and data layer. This (Polygon's case) sounds or could be different. I'm not sure that it is related to ctrlX SAFETY but could be ctrlX PLC or CORE subject.

Hello Polygon,

can you please provide more detailed facts like ...

  • Which versions of ctrlX CORE and SAFEX-C.1x (FW, change index on name plate) do you use?
  • What state do you reach with EtherCAT (OP or less)?
  • Can you provide the ctrlX I/O- and PLC-Engineering project?
  • How did you get to this point? What did you do in which sequence?
  • Did you try to start the whole configuration from scratch and what has been the result?
  • Can we have a look at the situation on your system?

Best regards

ctrlX SAFETY Team

Any news here?