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SBC Safe Brake Control

SBC Safe Brake Control

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Where can I find detailed information about the "SBC"?

What I like to know is if a periodic Brake Check is Mandatory when using SBC. I can imagne that you have to test the brake with the Brake test option which is provided in the ctrlX Drive. But i cannot find this in the manual yet, and i do not have the ctrlX drive with Mx option right now.

So can someone explain or show me where details can be found regarding the SBC.


Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Hello Pinball_NL,

first of all checkout the manual for SafeMotion in ctrlX DRIVEplus. See section 8.3.3!

Please come back with detailed questions related to this document, if there are still some.

Your ctrlX SAFETY team

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I read the chapter again and still have the same question. Everything mentioned is about controlling the brake itself. So that is measured that the spring loaded brake is disengaged (de-energized). It's two channel wiring so you be sure the current is cut of, the current is measured and the safety firmware will control the brake in special occasions.

But that does not mean that the brake or it's holding torque is sufficient !

If the brake lining is gone there is no brake function at all. Therefore the breakcheck sequense in ctrlX is very helpfull. You can check an ensure the functionality of the brake. But this is not mentioned in the "SBC".  What does the safety regulations say about this brake check interval ? This is not in the manual. 

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Thanks to "A.K."

The SBC function is the Standart for "safely switching off the clamping element of a system".

It does not mention the clamping force or the torque of a motor holdingbrake. Therefore you need the SBT Safe Brake Test.

The SBC and SBT together makes it a SBS Safe Brake System.

SBT will be available in ctrlX safety 2024 or later. It was a little misleading for me because the Brake Test is allready implemented in the ctrlX firmware. But these brake test parameters are not validated, not certified and not password protected. That means that someone can adjust this parameters and that's not safe !

These settings must be secured, we have to wait till the official release of SBT Safe Brake Test  somewhere in the future.