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Plan to continue SafeLogic in ctrlX SAFETY

Community Moderator

Plan to continue SafeLogic in ctrlX SAFETY

In a training session, the following question has been rised:

Is there plan for full SafeLogic in ctrlX platform. If so what is the roadmap?

Community Moderator

Re: Plan to continue SafeLogic in ctrlX SAFETY

We are asked this question quite often:

  • The Safelogic is a mature and comfortable (see all the efficiency features that have been added) product in the meantime.
  • The Safelogic provides a programming that is oriented towards programmers more than electrical engineers who think in cabinet, wiring and signal flows.
  • The Safelogic is still very powerful related to CPU power to run more than 60 axes or up to 99 safe devices.
  • But powerful not only in the meaning of number of devices but also supporting an outstanding number of safe fieldbus protocols as
    • CIP Safety on Sercos
    • ProfiSafe on Profibus
    • ProfiSafe on Profinet
  • Of course we do not want to miss that offering within our portfolio.
  • We have not decided yet, how we can do this step and when it can be done, but the majority of the ctrlX SAFETY Stakeholders is supporting the continuation or even demanding it.
  • A decision about time and solution will be depending on our ressources and the business cases behind it.

This looks as if it would be some internal strategic question, but it is not only this. We are not promising anything, but just sharing our thoughts. Currently we are in the phase to ramp up our ctrlX SAFETY product family with the first entry level products. The extension to ctrlX SAFETYplus depends very much on our customers needs.

Best regards

The ctrlX SAFETY Team