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Getting 2 axis spinning at the same time

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Getting 2 axis spinning at the same time

I am working on making 2 different axes move at the same time. They need to move based on an input value. For now I do not have the necessary hardware this may take a few weeks but I wanted this to work virtually.

I have on the basis of the example program: ctrlX CORE Axis / Kin_interface tried to make but I do not get it. I also can't find any additional information on how to design this application or exactly which functions to use.

Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction in terms of finding the right information to make this application? Thank you in advance!


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Re: Getting 2 axis spinning at the same time

There is a little less information in your post what you exactly like to do so also what you need. Normally setting the movement commands with the motion interface should be enough to get the axis running at the same time.

I think the easiest two ways to improve this would be:

  1. Using the second axis as a Gantry. Then it will run position synchronous with the master axis. Beware that "synchronisation" has to be done in standstill.
  2. Switch override of both axis to 0%, set up both movement commands and then switch back 100%.