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Ethernet IP communication hand-shaking between AB plc and Core at power up

Ethernet IP communication hand-shaking between AB plc and Core at power up

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one of our customers is in commissioning their machine using a CtrlX core with three CtrlX drives controller by AB plc. the machine is showing the functions, but they have some issues.

one of the issues is the core taking longer time to start-up than AB plc. they want to have a hand-shaking signal back to AB PLC to show the core is in operation mode, the drives in OM mode and the motion is ready. the PLC app can check the drive status (P115), but is there a way to confirm all apps are running and ready in the PLC app? sometimes the updates of status are slow. that is another issue.

second issue is they got a lot of acceleration/deceleration limits exceeded warning. the set value of accel was 200mm/s^2 and the limit was 10m/s^2. while one axis was stand still and another axis was touching the first one, but the speed was not high. I will have the customer to double check if the accel was actually over the limit.

anyway, your help is highly appreciated! 



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after having gotten online with the customer machine we found more issues. major issue was that the axis stayed at configuration/running mode after cycling the power. never got into running mode even manually changed it to running mode.  all of the tasks in the scheduller were running.


however it could be changed from partially operating to operating mode and axis into running mode by selecting the operating mode from the top selection window.

there are only three CtrlX drives with an standalone core X3. the communication speed has been very slow even from the drive engineering on the customer laptop to the core. it was tested successfuly, but it took long time to search the drive.



the customer is wait for support on that to get the machine commissioned and shipped out. any help will be appreciated, specially on the issue of power up won't be in running mode.





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Could you please add a system report after boot up so we can get more insights to the machine?

Creating a system report from version 1.18 on: click on the question mark symbol on right top of your ctrlX CORE web UI (See in online documentation). (For older system app version see documentation here).

@Jesse Are there any news? Is this still an issue? Or can this topic be closed?