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ctrlX IO hardware - 24V 0V wiring wih XI822116 and XI824116

ctrlX IO hardware - 24V 0V wiring wih XI822116 and XI824116

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The avaiable DOK-XIO*** does not provide any information on the max current wiring of the XIO's common 24V and 0V and potential distribution terminals.

The 16 channel output module XI211116 docu says 0.5A per output and max. 4A per module.  I do not know how many X211116 I can use without a potential reference module XI8241116 (8x24V, 8x0V).  Also there is no current rating defined in ctrlX CORE docu R911405645 for the connector UD10 and 24V logic supply UL and peripheral supply UP.

Where is the document that shows how the supply lines (24V and 0V) must be wired when using the ctrlX IO?


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it's 1A per Output pin and 4A in sum over all pins for the XI822116 or XI824116.

The potential has to be wired to the identical potential as UP (peripheral voltage) is connected. When you use a power feeder with a separate UP power supply and own potential, than you have to take care about that.

About the XD10 connector of the XB-EC-12 please see the docu DOK-XIO***-XB-EC-12*** R911416731

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Thank you for the reply, but I really need documentation for proper wiring, fusing of the output supply voltages (especially because of the very low 4A total currentv per module).

I have the hardware configuration shown in the picture.

- What is the current rating for the XD10 connnector points of the ctrlX CORE plus, especially UP, current into modules attached at the right side?

- Do the potenial terminal (24V/0V) connections only work to the modules to the right side?

( If they also have a connection to the left side then fusing will not be possible as all fuses will be in parallel) -> not accepted by customers.

- Which potential terminal point is feeding to which output terminal of the 16 point output card (important for fusing of the 24V supply wire)?





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For the XD10 at the ctrlX CORE plus same limits are applied like for the XD10 connector at the XB-EC-12.

Please see the circuit diagram, how it is provided.

As I mentioned, the UP (peripheral power supply) is providing the voltage and current. The ctrlX CORE plus doesn't consume UP.

Currently available ctrlX IOI documentation is not sufficient.

Missing is a clear description and guideline for current ratings and fusing to the potential termials for this slice IO with intrgrated UP passtrough contact wiring.

What is the internal module pass through contact urrent rating for UP?  4A?

If it is 4A, then a potential terminal is required for each XI.... output terminal.

Example how it should be documented is below for the Rexroth Inline IO. 

Is this information available in another document that is under construction or planned ?

Example docu for Rexroth Inline IO:

Had module slice format with pass throug supply connectors and peripheral power segment supply.

Clearly shows and eplains how the potential (peripheral power) is routed and supplied (no connetion to the left for UP).











Hi KR60192,

Thanks for your Message!

Please note that XI82*116 modules are power outputs or potential distribution modules. You can use them if you need further UP or GND supply to external modules. They can not be used to refresh the UP supply.

If you need to refresh the Periphery Supply, you need to use a Power Feeder like XI812101. It will supply "new" 8 Amps to the following modules. Unfortunately, the power feeder is not available as of today, we are working on it to fix this situation.

The power rating for XD10 is the same as for bus coupler (8A), see also bus coupler documentation available at


I will send you a PN for further discussion.