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ctrlX Drive with XM21 on Sercos

ctrlX Drive with XM21 on Sercos

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I want to use an XM21 PLC to control 3 ctrlX Drives via Sercos. It's possible?

Can I use the same functionblocks like on Indradrive? ex. MC_MoveAbsolute, MC_Power, etc?

Thank you.


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Someone with more knoweledge may be able to add to my comments, but I am currently testing this and it does seem to work.  As far as I know one of the key reasons the ctrlX DRIVE hardware was upgraded was there were issues particulary with Sercos (i.e. XCS1 to XCS2).  This means I would definitely say to only use Sercos with Gen 2.

In my testing first with IndraWorks V14 the drive was detected, but showed up as a 'Generic' Sercos drive and there weren't the typical configuration screens with IndraDrive we're familiar with.  I upgraded to V15 and it then was shown just like an IndraDrive so I would say htis should be a requirement to use V15.

Keep in mind the only option seemed to be 'Interpolation in the Control', but I guess that's a good thing at least for now as it still seems we don't have Synchronization in the drive so the only option to do Cams would be to use 'Interpolation in the Control' anyways.  

I've tested AXS-03V06 and I don't know what's changed with AXS-0308 or what's in the pipeline going forward.

Correct, for IndraMotion MLC and MTX please always use IndraWorks version 15 in conjunction with ctrlX DRIVE generation 2. Only with these versions the functions are o.k.. 

But as told in the previous post, only control interpolated functions like "Flex profiles", etc. are working. In ctrlX DRIVE no synchronization functions are planned. These synchronization functions will be made available in conjunction with the ctrlX CORE only.