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ctrlX DRIVE and 1x 220 V grid

ctrlX DRIVE and 1x 220 V grid

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Can we use the ctrlX DRIVE hardware for a 110 V or 220 V single phase grid?


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For tests (office desk for example) it's possible to use the ctrlX DRIVE in combination with a 220 V single phase grid. 110 V single phase are not possible.
For real machine applications 3x 200 V ... 3x 500 V TN-S-, TN-C-, TT- and IT-grids are released

ctrlX DRIVE online documentation 


Dear all,


I am trying to get a XCD1-W2323 working in single phase mode for desk testing. Unfortunately the drive doesn't want to apply power.

In de mains connection monitoring the 230 volt connected to the mains input is showing correctly. But the drive doesn't charge the DC-bus. I tried configuring the supply unit in all the five possible options, see attached image.


Up till this point we used an IndraDrive Cs as a DC-bus powersupply by connecting the DC-bus and connecting the BB contact on the XCD to an input on the IndraDrive. A small MLD program the evaluates the readiness and then sends a digital I/O signal to the ctrlX parameter S-0-0240 (see second attach image). This works well but is far from optimal.


Could someone advice me how to get single phase operation working?

For the sake off a 'clean' desk, easy testing and just wanting it to work.

Have a look to the attached preliminary documentation which will be published in the How-to developer community soon.


Otherwise establish a Skype or Teams meeting that one of the team within DC-AE/STS3 can have a look to your settings.

to make it simple for test rack use here you are with some hints how to set the relevant parameters in the attachments.

Mind, that you need to set the bleeder resistor parameters according to your conditions present with your test rack.