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Third party motors with CtrlX Drive

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Third party motors with CtrlX Drive


Is there any known working  third party motor and CtrlX drive combinations that have been tested? Overall is there some restrictions or something to point out when using third party motors?



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Re: Third party motors with CtrlX Drive

We already successfully controlled different asynchronous motors similar to our MAD motors from e.g. Lenze, some standard asynchronous one like from e.g. SEW, Nord, VEM and SIEMENS, both in open loop and closed loop. Similarly we successfully made servo motors (equivalent to our MS2N motors) work like from e.g. SIEMENS, Lenze, Schneider, ELAU, Fertig motors and Merkes. And we used ctrlX DRIVE in conjunction with direct driven motors (torque and linear motors) from e.g. HIWIN and Etel.

Only restriction at the very moment is what encoders fit to ctrlX DRIVE and that 600 Hz motor output frequency are not exceeded.


Re: Third party motors with CtrlX Drive

Hello Uwe,

Other question related to this topic. If I use a third party motor and have to use the XG21 ( Second encoder interface) for this motor , but I also need a encoderinterface for an external measure-system.  What will then be the solution?

Regards Johs heijmink.



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Re: Third party motors with CtrlX Drive

We will have a new hardware option for single axis drives available scheduled for 2023 which will incorporate 2x EC option, means there will be 3 encoder interfaces present:

- XG20 for AcuroLink and ctrlX SENSE encoders
- first XG21 for multi encoder interface 1 
- second XG21 for multi encoder interface 2

For detailed schedule and availablilty get in touch with your sales office responsible for you.


Mind that in a lot of application with quite rigid transmisssion elements (like gear box and coupling) one can use the load side encoder as a single encoder, which is functionally parameterized as motor encoder only.