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Cannot Power- up my second ctrlX Drive (XMS) in the Ethercat topology

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Cannot Power- up my second ctrlX Drive (XMS) in the Ethercat topology

I tested the demos set of ctrlX (with core) sebveral times. This worked out faultless.

I placed and scanned a second Drive (Indradrive Cs) in the Ethercat ring, scanning / running worked quit easy.

When I used a second ctrlX (XMS without Core) as a second axis. Comissioning worked out fine till I hit the power command in the comissioning. Here I get an error and I could not get this axis running.

I had to go online with ctrlX-Drive software and found this axis not going from bb to Ab. I pushed the green button (you hear the relais) but internally the drive does not go to Ab ! Thus you cannot power up.

This is different with Indradrive Cs. When you put 230/400V on a drive in bb, it goes automatically to Ab. But beware ! We have a ctrlX drive here which is powered over the DC-bus. This drive is not going automatically to Ab when the DC voltage is present.  You have to configure this over a input or over Ethercat. A master control can check the status of the power supply and (all) the ctrlX drives and give the signal okay (switch to Ab)

So if you have a ctrX drive just for testing you have to set this manually ! Depending how you want it, you can arrange this.  But the easiest way is to set P-0-0118 (bit 15). Then the drive goes to Ab when the DC bus is present (check the voltage). This is for internal test purposes only.



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Re: Cannot Power- up my second ctrlX Drive (XMS) in the Ethercat topology

Please refer to the project planning instructions R911386579


On page 107 you can find an example of wiring via I / Os





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Re: Cannot Power- up my second ctrlX Drive (XMS) in the Ethercat topology

See here a link to the online documentation.