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drive with integrated CORE used for control in existing CORE system and stand-alone system

drive with integrated CORE used for control in existing CORE system and stand-alone system

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Hello Reader,

Hope this is the right topic to ask this question. We want to realize an application and I'm looking for a way or solution to realize this.

We have an existing unwinding machine with motion in which a ctrlX CORE runs and controls 2 axes.

Now we want to attach an extra winding machine to the machine to get the cable from the existing machine. The extra machine must be able to run in controlled torque control and thus be controlled by the CORE of the existing machine.

We also want to use the extra machine as a stand-alone machine. For this purpose we use a Drive with integrated core (XCS2-W0023ARN-2AX3T0NNET-S03RSN0NNN0NN).

So the new winding machine should be able to receive commands from the already existing system. But also be able to be disconnected and then work stand-alone via input in the drive.

Is there a function for realizing this or what approach route could I take to realize this?

Kind regards


Community Moderator
Community Moderator

In general you can use different Ethernet based protocols for exchanging data/commands between the two controls.

Easiest way in my opinion is to use an remote data layer connection (see online documentation) and check on both sides if connection is established e.g. with a heartbeat variable. If so data/commands of this interface are used, if not they are running standalone. See also how to "Data exchange between controls C2C – ctrlX Data Layer Remote Connection"

See also the how to collection for other possibilities of data exchange. E.g. "Control to Control Communication (C2C) - Overview".

Some more general communication information see "Communicate between a ctrlX COREvirtual and other applications".

Check this about the different communication options: Control to Control Communication - Overview (