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Time synchronization problem

Time synchronization problem

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For a Web IQ application we found out that we need to synchronize the browser's time with the Ctrlx_CORE's time. (in Date&Time ->Sync with browser). And it works well to display trends with webIQ.

The problem is : after a short time (maybe 2 or 3 weeks maximum) without swintching ON the Ctrlx CORE, when we switch it ON the time is not synchronize with the Browser and ctrlx CORE anymore. It can easily be more than a minute of delay, and then the trend are not displayed anymore... I should synchronize the time again.

Setup for control and display below



Is this a known issue ?

Is there a solution to solve it ? ( without internet connection)



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Also to my experiences the RTC is not very accurate. NTP is for sure the solution and the NTP server does not need to be on the internet it can be local too. I would be curious to know if the newer ctrlX devices have an improved accuracy?

If the RTC is not very accurate, what about motion control ? synchronization of drive control...

The time drift you have seen is typical and there is currently no plan for improving the RTCs accuracy. If you like to be more accurate you need to use a time server.

The RTC does not have any effect on the realtime system used by e.g. the motion. There the actual time in a very short moment is needed to sync drives or IOs.