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TCP client on CtrlX (nodered / plc) not sending any messages

TCP client on CtrlX (nodered / plc) not sending any messages


I want to send and receive messages from the CtrlX to a seperate third party device. I can send messages using my computer and some TCP&UDP debug software. So far, so good. 
I can see the data being send using wireshark.

When i try to send the same message using node red or the PLC app, nothing works. 
I can not see any data being transmitted using wireshark. 
In nodered using the TCP out node, i see that i can connect.
In the PLC, i can also connect (not at the same time of course). 
I can send messages in both PLC and nodered without errors.
I can ping to my third party device from within nodered. 

I tried this both on ethernet ports XF51 and XF10.

I don't know what I'm missing. There has to be a reason I'm not able to send any messages?


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I used TCP to communicate with S7-1500 in the project and everything was normal.




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Could you please check "How to communicate between a ctrlX COREvirtual and other applications". There I am doing the exact same thing and show/explain what settings are needed.


Wireshark didn't read the communication properly between the CtrlX and the third party device. So i've send the TCP messages to my PC instead. 
The TCP server & TCP client software on the microsoft store helped me out. It turns out the messages i was sending via nodered / plc were converted incorrectly.