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It's new. It's connective. The smart gearbox.

Mechatronic drive systems that can collect and communicate information independently are fundamental to the IIoT. WITTENSTEIN alpha is now the first manufacturer of components to offer smart gearboxes as standard – gearboxes with cynapse. The integrated sensor module enables Industry 4.0 connectivity. Easy to integrate into existing drive solutions.

Gearboxes with cynapse are identical to the existing models in terms of design, size and contour. Drive solutions which have already been designed hence need no further modification. It is the sensor module integrated in the smart gearbox that makes the difference.

The “cynapse monitor” service collects all the values that cynapse provides and visualizes them in a dashboard. The service uses the cyclic and acyclic sensor data, histograms and histories as well as the events of the cynapse sensor as data input.

The visualization of the transmitted cynapse values takes place continuously. The values are visualized by a web application in the form of a dashboard, which can be flexibly integrated into various endpoints such as a web server, a machine terminal or a IIoT platform.

By visualizing the cynapse values, operators are provided with a central control terminal with which they can get an idea of the current and historical cynapse values. In addition, they gain deep insights into the operating behavior of the drive axles of their machines, allowing critical operating conditions to be detected earlier and cynapse thresholds to be set precisely.

Product Information & Events

Screenshot-1-cynpase Monitor-Events.png

Telemetry Data

Screenshot-2-cynpase Monitor-Telemetriedaten.png

Data Logger (Histogram)

Screenshot-3-cynpase Monitor-Datenlogger-Historgramme.png

Product and Application Threshold Values

Screenshot-4-cynpase Monitor-Schwellwerte.png

Data Logger (History)

Screenshot-5-cynpase Monitor-Datenlogger-Historie.png


cynapse-monitor_ohne Schatten.pngProduct: cynapse Monitor App
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The Company

With around 3,000 employees worldwide, WITTENSTEIN SE enjoys an impeccable reputation for innovation, precision and excellence in the field of mechatronic drive technology – not just in Germany but internationally. The group comprises seven pacesetting Strategic Business Divisions with separate subsidiaries for servo gearheads, servo actuator systems, miniature servo units, innovative gearing technology, rotary and linear actuator systems, electronic and software components for drive technologies as well as servo motors for nano-precise positioning. With its electric powertrains, WITTENSTEIN is also in demand as a development partner for efficient electromobility. Through its 60 or so subsidiaries and agents in approximately 40 countries, WITTENSTEIN is represented in all the world's major technology and sales markets.

WITTENSTEIN SE's fundamental orientation towards intelligent mechatronic drive systems and the fusion of micro and macro technology will continue to drive the advancement of its core know-how and competencies dynamically in all areas.

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How do we get this app to install on a CtrlX Core?

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Dear @jimiDMBthing,
Thanks for your interest!

The app is not yet released but will be available for download after release through the usual distribution channels (for online and offline installation). Stay tuned for any updates here in the App Zone. If you are interested on a pre-release, please contact us using the contact button above or send me a direct message.

Regards, Pedro


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