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What is the SpiderControl tool chain: We offer a tool for all requirements in the HMI environment. We standardize the HMI development and integrate all associated tasks so that the customers can reduce their engineering effort in the project business, improve their profitability and focus on their core competence for the control of a machine or system. 

  • SpiderControlTM can program HTML5 pages directly on the embedded web server of your ctrlX PLC.
  • Variable access with SpiderControl goes directly to the ctrlX Data Layer of the ctrlX CORE: You do not require an OPC UA server which results in less cost and better performance.
  • SpiderControl is a powerful SCADA system and provides full logging functionality for historical trends and alarms.
  • Re-Use existing CODESYS V2.3 Webvisu: The SpiderControl HMI Editor imports and converts existing HMI to HTML5.
  • Our unique MicroBrowser client technolgy allows for cost effective, fast and robust operator panels.
  • To increase design productivity in your HMI development, SpiderControl provides a code-generator SW API.
  • The SCADA server provides I4.0 and IIoT connectivity through our integrated SpiderPLC (SQL, MQTT, PDF, REST, ...).
  • You can use the browser not only as a display client, but also as a programming tool.

SCADA functions

More complex solutions often require data from several controllers, which are to be displayed together on one page.

The SCADA server has all the important drivers such as OPC UA, Modbus, ISO-on-TCP and much more, so that any PLC can be connected.

You need an overview of all the alarms that have accumulated on different controls. In addition, trend and alarm data should be archived over the long term. SpiderControlTM provides an extremely adaptable framework to fulfill these tasks on the most diverse computer platforms and operating systems.

SpiderControl I4.0 Integration Suite

The “SpiderControl I4.0 Integration Suite” is a comprehensive low-code tool for developing solutions for integrating OT into IT. It consists of a powerful SCADA server and a simple browser-based FBD programming tool and is aimed specifically at programmers from the PLC area.

The SpiderControl SCADA Server contains all common drivers for communication with the control level and operation via a standard HTML5 browser.

The SpiderControl HMI Editor allows easy design of HTML5 user interfaces, which are used for all UI tasks: SCADA control system, operator panels for on-site operation, remote access with the browser and visualization of KPIs, alarm lists and trends.

The SpiderPLC and the I4.0 Integration Library: The SpiderPLC allows functional blocks (FBD) to be programmed directly via an HTML5 browser. The I4.0 Integration Library contains a large number of functional blocks with which the tasks described can be implemented very easily: communication with SQL databases, REST APIs, MQTT, http, screen dumps, generating PDFs, sending e-mails, FTP transfer, string manipulation, copying files, reading and writing CSV variable files, logging, creating and editing variable namespaces, calling and monitoring external processes, etc. These function blocks are now connected directly to the process variables.

The SpiderPLC starts and monitors script engines such as NodeJS and Python, so that your own scripts can be integrated and called up via a function block.


SpiderControl OverviewSpiderControl Overview

Scalable license model

Depending on the required range of functions, you can license the SCADA server and thus find a cost-optimal solution depending on the project.

For use on ctrlX OS devices (e.g. ctrlX CORE), IniNet offers a SpiderControl server license including alarming and trending with unlimited data access to the local controller (ctrlX Data Layer). The number of Web Clients (HTML5 Browser) is also unlimited.
Trial licenses (10 days) for the server app are automatically provided in the customer account of the ctrlX licensing center. For productive use you can find the server license here in the ctrlX Store.

The "SCADA PC HMI Editor" for creating HMI projects can be downloaded from the IniNet website (see Related Links – IniNet Download Area).
The appropriate editor license (permanent) can be purchased from IniNet directly (Related links – IniNet License Shop).
Trial licenses, volume licenses and fixed term editor licenses (subscription) are available on request by email: info@ininet.ch.

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iniNet Solutions GmbH has specialized in visualization with web technologies for over a decade. With a modular system for programming, configuring and operating via web server, iniNet Solutions GmbH is one of the technology leaders in this area.
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