ctrlX Configurator - Release Notes version 1.2211.17

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Known Limitations
  • 32-bit Firefox browser - With the 32-bit version of firefox browser there can occurr problems. ctrlX Configurator is optimized for Google Chrome. The usage of a 64-bit browser is recommended.
  • iOS devices - With the usage of Safari browser on iOS devices there can occurr problems while using ctrlX Configurator. The solution is to allow the "Cross-Sitetracking" for Safari in the settings, see also this How-to blog - ctrlX Configurator - Using iOS and MacOS based devices
  • IndraDrive Mi - For all IndraDrive Mi products the product search is not available
  • IndraDrive Mi - For several products the typecode is not transferred to the EPLAN portal. In this case the typecode must be transferred manually.
  • Connections - When connecting two products and changing the protocol type, the connection does not update. In this case the connections needs to be deleted and created again. 
  • Keyboard shortcuts in popup windows - The shortcuts "Enter" and "Esc" are not working properly in popup windows. 

New Features
  • ctrlX CORE & CORE Apps Improvements
    ID 547785
    The product configurators of the ctrlX CORE and the ctrlX CORE Apps have been improved by smaller enhancements in the configurator dialogue and the conflict dialogues.

  • Connection of products – Enhancements
    ID 462182
    *  Improvements made regarding ports which are no longer available due to decisions made in previous connections
    *  Input fields in cable configurations are replaced through sliders
    *  Creating more than one connection between 2 products by using the same connection type, such as the Multi Ethernet connection with different communication protocols, are now possible.

  • ctrlX DRIVES generation 1
    ID 541396
    ctrlX DRIVES generation are no longer available for new projects

  • ctrlX DRIVE enhancements
    ID 394077
    Informational texts and parameter describtions for encoders, safety functions and the drive sets have been improved.

  • ctrlX DRIVE - new drives
    ID 413196
    ctrlX Configurator now supports the new inverter XMS2-W0330 and  XMS2-W0375. The products can be configured within the inverter product configurator.

  • ctrlX DRIVE - new power supplies
    ID 413209
    ctrlX Configurator now supports the new power supplies XVR2-W0019 and  XVE2-W012. The products can be configured within the power supply product configurator.

  • ctrlX SAFETY - new accessory
    ID 505643
    ctrlX Configurator now supports the new accessory RKB0061/00,19 for ctrlX SAFETY and ctrlX DRIVEplus SafeMotion. 
    The accessory can be found either in the Converter / Inverter configurator or in the safety control configurator.

  • ctrlX SAFETY enhancements
    ID 518250
    Correction of network cable type (RKB0013->RKB0021) and adaption of texts

  • IndraDrive Mi – enhancements
    ID 525100
    At several points the IndraDrive Mi product configurators have been enhanced, by new possible connections, list price requests for all products and some minor errors have been removed.

  • ctrlX CORE - Performance class X7
    ID 525245
    ctrlX Configurator now supports the new ctrlX CORE X7, the most performant ctrlX CORE can be selected via the Performance Class in the ctrlX CORE configurator. Additional the new feature PLC Performance has been added (Usage only possible with X7).

  • SafeLogic compact
    ID 477954
    The product family SafeLogic compact is now integrated. The product portfolio can be configured and used in solution projects.

  • ctrlX Apps – Enhancement
    ID 394069
    ctrlX Configurator now supports new ctrlX CORE Apps. These can now be selected in the Control configurator, Drive configurator (with ctrlX CORE integrated) and the ctrlX Apps configurator.
    *  ctrlX CORE - InfluxDB     
    *  Weidmüller GTI - PROCON-WEB Embedded System     

  • ctrlX I/O – enhancement
    ID 394073
    ctrlX Configurator now supports new accessory for ctrlX I/O. The 24V supply for ctrlX I/O can now be added in tab accessories.
    Also the technical data in the information texts of the I/O modules has been updated. (XI312204, XI322204, XI332204, XI342204, XI821116, XI822116, XI824116)


  • New pricing infterface for list prices
    ID 456328
    With the new release ctrlX Configurator now supports the new Web Service Price, to view list prices from SAP.

  • Improvement of the dimension views
    ID 510893
    Minor improvements on the dimensions views over all products have been integrated, concerning position of the measurements.

  • Improved system performance for project handling and new product configuration status
    ID 497980
    The performance of ctrlX Configurator when adding products to the solution topology and loading existing configuration projects has been significantly improved.
    As a change in application behavior when loading a project, all product configurations are now checked against changes in the configuration models sequentially. This check is indicated to the user by a message text in the header. Additionally the product specific check status is indicated by the new yellow configuration color.
    see also: ctrlX Configurator - new product configuration status


Resolved Bugs
Product Configurators  / Solution Configurator


  • Typecode and material number missing in export formats

    ID 547408
    Typecodes and material numbers of cables and accessories are not displayed in the product and project summary.

  • ctrlX Core - 3D Viewer App shows With in Configuration-View
    ID 547792
    ctrlX Core - 3D Viewer App shows license type code SWL-XC*-3DV-3DVIEWER*****-NNNN.

  • Fit to content bug
    ID 547796
    By clicking the button Fit to content not all products are shown in the view area. 

  • Add2Cart leads to highlighted add products
    ID 547807
    After clicking on add to cart for any product the add products dialogue on the left is highlighted and not greyed out in the background.

  • ctrlX CORE APPS | Apps are requested even though they are not visible in the configuration
    ID 547810
    Cedalo - MQTT Broker, Bosch - DeviceBridge and HD Vision - Suit are no longer requested. Logic for configurators extended.

  • ctrlX App licences are still part of the configuration when switching to Without Runtime apps
    ID 547812
    ctrlX App licenses are deleted when switchting to Without Runtime apps.

  • Features menu in ctrlX Apps don´t show anything
    ID 547816
    Features menu in ctrlX Apps is won´t shown anymore.

  • WebIQ licenses missing in ctrlX CORE configurator
    ID 547820
    WebIQ licenses are not shown in all product configurators including ctrlX CORE.

  • Missing rule knowledge for Partner Apps
    ID 552125
    Rule knowledge for CODESYES PLC add ons and WebIQ Handler and  WebIQ Client licenses integrated

  • Incorrect names of ctrlX CORE Apps
    ID 552129
    Some app names are incorrect in the ctrlX CORE Apps configurator.

  • ctrlX Apps - Incorrect order of apps
    ID 552134
    The order of the ctrlX Apps is not the same in the ctrlX CORE configurator as in the standalone ctrlX Apps configurator.

  • Bosch - DeviceBridge licenses not shown
    ID 556420
    In the following configurators for ctrlX Drive the all licenses for Bosch - DeviceBridge are not shown.
    *  XVE2
    *  XVR2
    *  XCS2
    *  XCD2

  • Backspace leads to incorrect behaviour
    ID 570536
    In some cases clicking the Backspace keyboard button there is a incorrect behaviour. For example in the project list.

  • Characteristics texts missing in Product and Project summary missing
    ID 581704
    When a drive and a motor are connected, the text for maximum and continous drive are missing in the product summary and project summary for ctrlX DRIVE.

  • ctrlX Apps - Number of axes incorrect
    ID 586782
    If a ctrlX Motion is selected in the ctrlX Apps, the number of axes cannot be set to values between 5 and 9.

  • Incorrect mail adress for send message
    ID 598567
    After using the send message form, the information to the user is not sent by the correct mail address. The correct mail address to send this information is info.ctrlX-configurator@boschrexroth.de.

  • Connections overlay in Graphic View
    ID 139389
    When connecting a double axis drive with two servo motors and switching afterwards the position of the servo motors, the connnections between motor and drive lay over each other.

  • Wrong connections from ctrlX DRIVE with ctrlX CORE
    ID 337848
    Two ctrlX DRIVE with a drive-integrated ctrlX CORE can be connected via EtherCAT master, which is incorrect. There should be just the possibility to connect via SAFETYlink, which must be connected in a closed loop.

  • Scrollbars missing in list view
    ID 505623
    In the list view the horizontal scrollbars are missing. Therefore it is not possible to move left / right while the details dialogue is open.

  • Typecode and list price missing for Customer license app
    ID 546116
    If Customer license app is chosen, list price and typecode are not displayed.

  • Missing connections names in CSV export
    ID 544917
    Within the product list In CSV export files the names of the connections are not displayed.

  • Incorrect Button Size in Message Dialog
    ID 528604
    For longer info texts, the selection button is displayed with incorrect size.

  • Incorrect connections from ctrlX SAFETY to other products
    ID 557615
    Connections from ctrlX SAFETY to other products allow not suitable options.

  • Price requests for motors with gearbox fail
    ID 554909
    Price requests via SAP for MS2* motors with gearbox are not successful.

  • Wrong power cable selected
    ID 551025
    The connection of a MS2N10-E0BNL (water cooled) with a XCS2-/XMS2-W0150 leads to a wrong cable. 

  • Slider does not change value
    ID 544950
    When clicking on slider bar, the new value does not get accepted and goes back to the origin value.

  • Product search error for specific motor size
    ID 546120
    The product search shows an error for the specific servo motor size MS2N10 in length D.

  • Large projects are not loaded
    ID 530450
    After the enhancement of the connection configurator some large projects are not loading.

  • ctrlX DRIVE - Double axis converter Connections
    ID 533465
    With the ctrlX DRIVE XCD2 double axis converter it is possible to connect the drive with more than two servo motors.

  • ctrlX DRIVE - Cable joint option missing in connection configurator
    ID 543724
    When connecting a servo motor with an inverter, in the connection configurator the option of one cable joint is missing.

  • Connections - Missing cables between XCS2 -W0330/W0375 and MS2N13
    ID 543812
    Between the 330 and 375 ampere versions of ctrlX DRIVE converter and MS2N13 servo motor cables are missing. This ends in not being able to connect the products.

  • Connection error between COREX and XCS2
    ID 534741
    In some cases it is not possible to connect a COREX with a XCS2.

  • Connection errors between Inverters
    ID 534747
    In some cases it is not possible to connect two inverters XMS2.

  • Connection error between inverters XMS and XMD
    ID 534752
    In some cases it is not possible to connect XMS with XMD and MS2 servo motors.

  • IndraDrive Mi - Connection between KSM02
    ID 537219
    It is not possible to connect a KSM02 with another KSM02 because of missing accessory.

  • Connection configurator does not open
    ID 538357
    In some cases between products the connection configurator does not open up. In this case the connection has to be deleted and created again to be able to configure the connection.

  • New connection not possible
    ID 538376
    In some cases it is not possible to create an additional connection between two products. The connection configurator is not loading.

  • Connections not possible
    ID 539479
    In the new connection configurator several connections between products are not possible.

  • ctrlX DRIVE - Deselection of the brake resistor
    ID 540214
    After selecting a brake resistor in the power supply configurator it is not possible to remove the brake resistor as an accessory from the device.

  • ctrlX DRIVE - incorrect accessory for drives
    ID 540270
    In the ctrlX DRIVE configurator false accessory is selected by the system. 

  • IndraDrive Mi - Bugs in product configurator
    ID 536856
    In the IndraDrive Mi exist several bugs concerning typecodes of gearboxes, missing characteristics etc.

  • Motor cable length
    ID 544978
    For some motor cables the connection configurator allows a minimum cable length of 0m. 

  • IndraDrive Mi KSM02 - Price requestests fail
    ID 530440
    Price requests via SAP for IndraDrive Mi KSM02 fail and don´t respond the list price.

  • Servo motors added incorrect from product search
    ID 562135
    When adding a servo motor from product search to the solution, the motor is being converted to motor-gearbox combination.

  • Phased out motor power cable
    ID 568621
    Motor power cable with end of production deleted from configurator.

  • Error in Connection Dialog, Connection is not shown as dual cable
    ID 570832
    Connection dialog does not show a default in number of cable joints. In graphic view the wrong connection type is shown.

  • Configuring Profinet IO in Double axes drives
    ID 571050
    Double axes drives with Profinet IO are not configurable without functional safety. After selecting Profinet IO a conflict dialogue shows up and tells to additional select the functional safety.

  • ctrlX IPC can not be connected to XM Controls
    ID 580168
    ctrlX IPC with Product selection  Industrial PC for CNC visualization can´t be connected to an XM Control.

  • ctrlX CORE - Dimensions of the ctrlX Plus - X3 incorrect
    ID 587672
    The dimensions of a ctrlX Plus X3 are incorrect, 93.3mm is given for the width instead of 97.5mm.

  • Incorrect conflict dialogues
    ID 558024
    For some products the conflict dialogues show incorrect content.

  • ctrlX I/O  - wrong amount of components
    ID 528216
    Wrong amount of components XI351002 (Input for connection of temperature measurement resistors) and XI361002 (inputs for connection thermocouple sensors) are calculated.

  • IDE Textual code is not displayed
    ID 534470
    In ctrlX Apps configurator the IDE Textual code App is only displayed when IDE Visual code is chosen.


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