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Starting with 1.2207.11 of ctrlX Configurator, all connections between two products are configured in a uniform configuration dialog. The connections are created, edited and deleted via this dialog. For simplified configuration the names of the device ports are named.

The configuration dialog is structured as shown below in an example:



General usage

The connection dialog opens as below when creating a new connection between two products. With the pulldown menue the required connection type can be choosen.


When selecting an existing connection via double-click or the "configure" action button (e.g. in the command header), the connection dialog opens with an overview on all connections already configured, see example below.


 Here you have following options:

  • Create another connection (when action button "NEW CONNECTION" is active)
  • Click on the "edit" icon to change the corresponding existing connection, then close dialog or create a new connection
  • Click on the "delete" icon to delete the corresponding existing connection, then close dialog or create a new connection 


Display of connections in Graphic View

With the new connection configurator, the connections are displayed graphically in the Graphic View in a clear form. All connections between two products are displayed in a common connection line. Their arrangement to the product symbols is flexibly oriented according to the automation topologies created by the user. The type of the graphic connection line depends on the configured connection types, see examples below.

Type of connection Example
Multi-Ethernet Fieldbus NorbiS_0-1660720886021.png
Ethernet Fieldbus


Ethernet Fieldbus
Safety Ethernet (SMMC)

DC bus and Ethernet NorbiS_2-1660721107010.png
Encoder and power (double cable) NorbiS_0-1660749460117.png
Encoder and power (hybrid/single cable) NorbiS_3-1660721191776.png
SafetyLink NorbiS_0-1660741297484.png
Multi-Ethernet Fieldbus
Encoder and power as hybrid (Mi) NorbiS_0-1660742343234.png
Special use cases
Changing interfaces of an already connected product

If the product configuration of a used interface is changed and the corresponding product connection is no longer correct, this is indicated in the Graphic View by a hint symbol and a red connection line. The connection dialogue still shows the prior communication settings. 

See example below with the products XM21 control and HCS01 drive connected with an EtherCAT communication protocol.


When changing HCS01 to PROFINET communication, the connection is flagged.


 Opening the connection dialogue the prior communication settings are shown.


In this case there are the following possible solutions:

  • Deleting and renewing the connection
  • Changing the interface configuration of the respective product. In this case the correct connection will be set. See example below with the result shown in the oveview dialogue.




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