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Container technology is very popular in computer science and software development. In this context, containers are standard software units that combine the program code and all its dependencies so that the desired application can be executed quickly and reliably in a different computer environment, even under different operating systems (Linux, Windows, MacOS).  

Since its debut in 2013, Docker Inc. has accelerated the development and adoption of this technology with the help of its popular, open-source container runtime called Docker Engine. To run containers on Docker Engine, an image is required, which contains everything that is necessary to run an application: the program code, the runtime environment, tools, libraries and settings. Thus, they can be easily transported and installed as files. Docker Hub is the world’s largest repository of such container images. Docker Inc. also offers Docker Desktop which helps developers to build, run and share their containerized applications for local development. Docker Desktop can be used to create images of software applications, running & managing containers and more.

The Container Engine App allows Docker images to run on the ctrlX CORE as containers in isolation and autonomously. It represents the interface between the resources of the ctrlX CORE and the running containers. Using a snap template, a Docker image application for the ctrlX CORE can be created from a Docker image and the corresponding Docker configuration files. These apps are visible in the App Manager like native ctrlX CORE apps.

Software architecture of ctrlX CORE which enables to run Docker imagesSoftware architecture of ctrlX CORE which enables to run Docker images

Please note the following warranty restrictions and IT security considerations:

The ctrlX CORE Container Engine App itself fully applies to Bosch Rexroth quality standards and the ctrlX CORE security mechanisms. However, as the Docker technology brings some inherent security aspects with it, Bosch Rexroth cannot take the responsibility for Docker images not provided by Bosch Rexroth (called custom Docker images) which are executed on the Container Engine.

Users who provide and deploy custom Docker images on the ctrlX CORE need to note and confirm that

  • Bosch Rexroth will not take any warranty for custom Docker images which are running on a ctrlX CORE.
  • the provider of a custom Docker image on ctrlX CORE shall ensure that this image does not violate the built-in ctrlX CORE security mechanisms. The ctrlX AUTOMATION App Developer Guideline and the associated guidelines in the SDK provide information how to fully support these mechanisms.
  • if the custom Docker image does not follow the guidelines, any access of the image to the ctrlX CORE system resources may cause security and availability issues in the ctrlX CORE. The provider needs to monitor and harden the image accordingly to avoid any impacts on the ctrlX CORE system.

Please refer to the according security recommendations from Docker, Inc. for further information.

ctrlX CORE - Container Engine App

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This App is built by Bosch Rexroth based on source code published by Docker Inc. It is not endorsed or published by Docker Inc.

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