WebIQ - Create your first HMI project

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Install the PLC, OPC-UA Server and WebIQ Runtime apps on ctrlX CORE (minimum requirement).

Step-by-Step guide
Step 1

We will use OPC UA communication to exchange variables between WebIQ and PLC app on ctrlX CORE. First of all, create a Symbol Configuration on the PLC app with all the variables you want to exchange with the HMI. Login and Run the application.Add a Symbol Configuration on the PLC appAdd a Symbol Configuration on the PLC app

Step 2

Open WebIQ Designer and create a new project. To configure the OPC-UA communication, open the IO Manager. Select “Create Entry” to create an IO Handler and add the hightlighted fields.Configure OPC UA communication on WebIQConfigure OPC UA communication on WebIQ

Note: on crlX CORE verify that the certificates are trusted (otherwise an error concerning the IO Handler creation is displayed).SMART HMI certificates on ctrlX CORESMART HMI certificates on ctrlX CORE

Step 3

To create the variables in exchange with the PLC, go to Process Data Manager. Click on the Variables section and use the Browse option.Browse OPC UA variablesBrowse OPC UA variablesCreate a new HMI variableCreate a new HMI variable

For more information on how to use the Browse functionality, read the How-To guide WebIQ - Browsing of Variables, Arrays & Structures in OPC UA 

Step 4

To display the variable on screen, go to Layout Manager. Select the Widget you want to display the variable in and link the Item to the Widget.Add a widget to your projectAdd a widget to your project

Step 5

Save the project. Click on Publish to transfer the project on the runtime.Save your projectSave your project

Step 6

Go to Home. From the Project List, Start the project you want to display on the runtime.Run the projectRun the project

Step 7

Go to yourIPaddress:10123/projectname/ using your favourite browser. Insert username and password configured for the project.Open the browserOpen the browserDisplay your project on the browserDisplay your project on the browser

You now have your working HMI.


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