WebIQ - Create package with UI-Actions and Local Scripts

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You have created UI actions and local scripts that you want to use in other WebIQ projects?

Then simply put them into a WebIQ package. This is a library that can be imported into WebIQ to use the functionality it contains.

Required WebIQ Designer version 1.12.1 or higher.

Basic things to do WebIQ Package:

  1. Create folder structure
  2. Copy js script files into the folder structure
  3. Provide additional information in file package.json
  4. Create package zip-file for delivery

Detailed steps:

1 Create folder structure (with your package name (e.g. my_tools) and the following sub folders)


2 Copy files UI-Actions, Local scripts

  • In WebIQ Designer, open the project that contains the ui-actions
  • Copy all the .js files of all ui-actions, you want to ship in your package from ${dataDirectory}\workspace\js\custom-libs\ui-actions to my_tools\js\custom-libs\ui-actions
  • Open the WebIQ project that contains the local scripts
  • Copy all the .js files of all ui-actions, you want to ship with your package from ${dataDirectory}\workspace\js\custom-libs\local-scripts to my_tools\js\custom-libs\local-scripts

Hint: Look into the About dialog of WebIQ Designer to get value of ${dataDirectory}


3 Provide meta information in file package.json

  • Create file my_tools\webiq.json. All blue text in the file below, is an example text. You must be replaced it by your code. How to get the code is described below.

  "name": "my_tools",
  "description": "my description of this packages",
  "type": "extension",
  "format": 2,
  "forceUpdate": false,
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "requires": {
     "visuals": "^2.3.0"
  "localeVariables": {
    "myLocaleVariable": {
        "de-DE": "Hallo!",
        "en-GB": "Hello!"
  "uiActions": {
    "myUserAction1": {
        "url": "js/custom-libs/ui-actions/myUserAction1.js",
        "description": "Contains 1 String parameter",
        "meta": {
            "name": "myUserAction1",
            "params": [
                     "type": "STRING",
                     "options": {
                          "label": "Label"
             "defaultParameters": [
  "localScripts": {
    "DemoLocalScript": {
      "url": "js/custom-libs/local-scripts/DemoLocalScript.js",
      "description": "My description of DemoLocalScript"

Short descripton of json fields which must be adapted: Detailed docu see WebDesigner Package Format 

Field name



Must be identical to the main folder of the package. (here "my_tools")


This text is displayed in the package manager of WebIQ


Defines localization variables, which are used in your code. They are added to the Localization of the project.


"myLocaleVariable": {   // name of the localization variable
   "de-DE": "Hallo!",      // german translation
   "en-GB": "Hello!"       // english translation


Defines the parameters and description of the ui-actions
Copy blue code from ${workspaceFolder}\workspace\json\scripts\ui-actions.json


Defines the descriptions of the local scripts
Copy blue code from ${workspaceFolder}\workspace\json\scripts\local-scripts.json


4 Create package zip-file for delivery

Be sure that you create a zip file with this content:


Now you can upload and install the new created package.

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