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cynapse Monitor collects all features provided by cynapse and visualizes them on a dashboard. The service uses cyclic and acyclic sensor data, histograms and histories as well as events triggered by cynapse. By visualizing all cynapse features, operators gain deep insights into the operating behavior of the drive axles of their machines, allowing critical operating conditions to be detected earlier and cynapse thresholds to be set precisely. 

Digital Nameplate

All relevant information for specifically identifying your components will be provided by cynapse. The digital nameplate contains the following values Serial Number | Manufacturing Date | Ordering Code | Manufacturer | Software Version | Hardware Version | I4.0 Asset-ID | AssetIdShort | Material Number and more. The request of the digital nameplate is issued via IO-Link. Thereby, it is possible to integrate hardware and software information of  cynapse gearboxes into higher infrastructure components, forming the basis for modern industrial asset management. Changes in the overall system can be tracked and traced.


cynapse Monitor visualizes all telemetry data provided by cynapse in shape of cyclic and acyclic sensor data. Thereby, you obtain deep insights into the behavior of your machine drive in real-time.

cynapse Monitor Telemetriescynapse Monitor Telemetries

Product & Application specific Thresholds & Events

cynapse informs you by means of an IO-Link event once product and application specific thresholds for temperature, acceleration and vibration are exceeded. Thereby, it is possible to identifying critical conditions of your machine drive preventing from damages and deviations of the machine process.

cynapse Monitor Product & Application Specific Eventscynapse Monitor Product & Application Specific Events

cynapse Monitor Product & Application Specific Thresholdscynapse Monitor Product & Application Specific Thresholds

Data Logger – Histograms

cynapse can store selected values over the entire lifetime of the gearbox in its internal memory. The app cynapse Monitor can retrieve these internally stored values and depict them in forms of histograms. By means of histograms, one is presented with a thorough picture about the distribution of cynapse data providing transparency about gearbox's condition and the influence of surrounding machine factors.

cynapse Monitor Data Logger Histogramcynapse Monitor Data Logger Histogram

Data Logger – Histories

Besides histograms depicting the distribution of cynapse values, cynapse Monitor can additionally visualize the internally stored data histories. Thereby, the sensor stores each 15 minutes the maximum temperature and acceleration value over the entire lifetime of the gearbox. Based on the data histories, one is presented with the development of cynapse values over time.

cynapse Monitor Data Logger Historycynapse Monitor Data Logger History

WITTENSTEIN cynapse Monitor App
WITTENSTEIN - cynapse Monitor

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The Company

With around 3,000 employees worldwide, WITTENSTEIN SE enjoys an impeccable reputation for innovation, precision and excellence in the field of mechatronic drive technology – not just in Germany but internationally. The group comprises seven pacesetting Strategic Business Divisions with separate subsidiaries for servo gearheads, servo actuator systems, miniature servo units, innovative gearing technology, rotary and linear actuator systems, electronic and software components for drive technologies as well as servo motors for nano-precise positioning. With its electric powertrains, WITTENSTEIN is also in demand as a development partner for efficient electromobility. Through its 60 or so subsidiaries and agents in approximately 40 countries, WITTENSTEIN is represented in all the world's major technology and sales markets.

WITTENSTEIN SE's fundamental orientation towards intelligent mechatronic drive systems and the fusion of micro and macro technology will continue to drive the advancement of its core know-how and competencies dynamically in all areas.

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How do we get this app to install on a CtrlX Core?

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Dear @jimiDMBthing,
Thanks for your interest!

The app is not yet released but will be available for download after release through the usual distribution channels (for online and offline installation). Stay tuned for any updates here in the App Zone. If you are interested on a pre-release, please contact us using the contact button above or send me a direct message.

Regards, Pedro

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Check out the update of the cynapse Monitor App.

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Great news! The ctrlX OS License - cynapse Monitor from WITTENSTEIN is now available!

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