Use Eco mode brake control with voltage reduction at ctrlX DRIVE

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In the following we show to you how to use the eco mode for holding brakes at ctrlX DRIVE.

Versions used
All the functions and screen shots are based on:

  • ctrlX DRIVE Engineering version 01V18
  • Runtime / Firmware version of drive AXS-V0308


A connection to the ctrlX DRIVE has been successfully establi-shed, the device is correctly wired and 24 V are successfully put on. As well the engineering tool ctrlX DRIVE Engineering has been started.


 What the function is good for 

The eco mode brake control with voltage reduction significantly reduces the power consumption of the holding brakes during the normal operation of the holding brake when the brake is released.

If the holding brake,

- assuming it needs 0,893 A as nominal current,

- is normally operated at 24 V

is used in the eco mode with a reduced voltage down to 17 V, savings of 52,5 kWh at 24/7 operation over 1 year can be achieved.

In this way the heating inside the motor due to the reduced power consumption is as well minimized.


Prerequisite for using the “Eco mode: brake control with voltage reduction”

In order to activate the function the so-called productivity package must be present. It should normally already be ordered correctly or, if not ordered, be licensed afterwards by “Import license”.

The “Eco mode: brake control with voltage reduction” function itself then needs to be selected and activated by a “Reboot”.


Fig. 1.: Productivity package with activated function “Eco mode”

Mind that the overall performance of the drive is restricted to not allow more than eight performance points in total shown in the last column.


Configure parameters

The “Eco mode: brake control with voltage reduction” is activated by

- setting the holding voltage of the brake and

- defining the rise time of the brake (normally the default value of 500 ms could be kept).


Fig. 2.: Configuration for “Eco mode: brake control with voltage reduction”

The relevant holding voltage of the brake is given in the documentation of the motors, e.g. in here for MS2N motors.


Fig. 3.: Documentation for “Eco mode: brake control with voltage reduction”

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