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WebIQ Server is a runtime app and runs your outstanding web HMIs, which you have created with the engineering app WebIQ Designer on the ctrlX CORE controller on your machine or in your plant. 

  • HMI runtime app for ctrlX CORE
  • Powerful web- and websocket server
    • OPC UA interface
    • Secure SSL/TLS encryption
    • User and rights management, ACL (access control lists)
    • Storing of events, alarms, historical alarms
    • Data recorder (trends, historical data manager)
    • Recipe manager
    • Powerful API for data and configuration access
  • Available in Linux Snap format for ctrlX CORE

About WebIQ

“WebIQ Creates Web HMIs in A Smarter Way”

WebIQ is a visualization software for industrial web HMIs and a standard feature of ctrlX CORE. WebIQ combines the established functionality of a complete HMI/SCADA system with the power of web technology. With WebIQ you can create outstanding web-based HMIs: from simple process control with a few controls to sophisticated visualization for production machines and plants.

The visualization software consists of two components (apps):

  • WebIQ Server: The runtime app for web HMIs, which is installed directly on the ctrlX CORE controller.
  • WebIQ Designer: The intuitive engineering app for developing web HMIs without programming expertise.


Toolbox for Outstanding HMI Design
Create web HMIs with WebIQ, which differentiate you through good design in crowded markets.

Key to The World of Web HMIs
Start with WebIQ without programming expertise: configure your Web HMI instead of programming.

Your Anytime-and-Everywhere HMI
Create a single web HMI for different display sizes and mobile devices using responsive design with WebIQ.

Standards for Sustainable HMI Development
No dependencies: WebIQ relies 100% on standard web technologies and uses OPC UA by default.

HMI Development Without Limits
Customize your Web HMI with WebIQ: Build your own widgets and themes or integrate widgets from other well-established frameworks and libraries.

Created for the Digital Transformation
100% offline-capable (Edge-based: HMI server doesn’t run in the cloud, but on your machine) + server-side API, which enables data access by any system (real-time data hub).

Notes on WebIQ licensing

WebIQ Server licenses
Three server licenses with 150, 500 and 1K tags are currently available for WebIQ licensing on the ctrlX CORE.
These licenses include 2 web clients (web browser connections) and 2 IO handlers (OPC UA connections).

WebIQ add-on licenses
Add-on licenses are available for additional web clients and additional IO handlers:
WebIQ Server license for 3 additional Web Clients
WebIQ Server license for 3 additional IO Handlers

Flexible license handling
Licenses can be combined and activated on the ctrlX CORE as desired,
e.g. WebIQ Server license with 500 tags + 150 tags + 150 tags + 3 web clients + 3 web clients.
Resulting functionality: 800 tags + 8 web browser connections + 2 OPC UA connections.

The upper limit for process tags, web clients and IO handlers depends on the load of the controller.
Please note that the upper limit of 1000 tags should not be exceeded for performance reasons.

WebIQ Designer licensing
The WebIQ Designer software on a Windows PC is required to create the HMI projects. 
The Designer license is part of the WebIQ Server licenses on the ctrlX CORE.

Smart HMI - WebIQ Server
R911410798 - FWS-W-XC*-WIQ**SHMI*-V-01RS-NN

Not registered for download yet? Instruction here

  Smart HMI - WebIQ ctrlX CORE Server License 150 Tags
R911410792 - SWL-W-XC*-WIQ**RUD*150***-NNNN
  Smart HMI - WebIQ ctrlX CORE Server License 500 Tags
R911410793 - SWL-W-XC*-WIQ**RUD*500***-NNNN
  Smart HMI - WebIQ ctrlX CORE Server License 1K Tags
R911410794 - SWL-W-XC*-WIQ**RUD*001K**-NNNN
  Smart HMI - WebIQ ctrlX CORE Server License 3 Web Clients (add-on)
R911410796 - SWL-W-XC*-WIQ**RUN*CL03**-NNNN
  Smart HMI - WebIQ ctrlX CORE Server License 3 IO Handler (add-on)
R911410797 - SWL-W-XC*-WIQ**RUN*HL03**-NNNN

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The Company

Empowering HMI Excellence
Smart HMI is a team of experts for the development, enablement and integration of 100% Web-Technology based Software, which empowers every customer to easily create future-oriented industrial HMI solutions. The Software Platform WebIQ – developed by Smart HMI -is a 100% Web-Technology based, forward-looking Visualization-System with comprehensive Design-possibilities to create industrial Web HMI’s.

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When will Smart HMI/WebIQ Server app be availble to the ctrlX CORE? 

Community Moderator

We plan to release the WebIQ App at the end of April. For testing purposes, the software is already available in the Collaboration Room 

Community Moderator


some short questions. WebIQ 2.11 is now available. Is the WebIQ Server App 2.11 also available? And if not when?

It`s possible to use WebIQ 2.1 Engineering together with the actual WebIQ Server App 2.10.0?

Community Moderator

Currently, the release tests in the development are still running. As soon as these are completed, version 2.11 will be available in the Collaboration Room.

The designer and the associated runtime must have the same release status.