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Prescient Edge App connects the ctrlX CORE Data Layer to Prescient Designer, which is cloud-hosted, distributed IoT programming software based on Node-RED. From Prescient Designer, users can program Node-RED inside their ctrlX CORE devices remotely. Users can program many devices at the same time, and can integrate a cloud Node-RED application with the device applications in the same flow.

Prescient Edge is the app users install on their ctrlX CORE devices. Prescient Edge contains the Node-RED app and the Edge Runtime app, which is a proprietary software that improves Node-RED’s security and reliability. Once installed, Prescient Edge will automatically connect to Prescient Designer through a secure communication channel, and users can then program the Node-RED app on their ctrlX CORE device from Prescient Designer.

Node-RED is the most popular open-source low-code programming software in IoT. It enables users to perform data formatting and analytics and includes thousands of application packages ranging from MODBUS to machine learning.

  • Compatibility with Node-RED.
  • Remote programming and orchestration.
  • Data formatting and data analytics
  • Building dashboards and control panelsCreate alerts, send emails, send data to databases, etc.
  • Advanced applications such as predictive maintenance, machine vision, and machine learning.

Supports enterprise-class capabilities


Prescient Designer enables you to build and evolve your applications, from the edge to the cloud, all in a unified graphical programming environment.

Prescient Designer is the only IoT/AI platform that enables you to
  • Build and evolve edge-to-cloud applications in unified graphical programming environment
  • Protect your systems in real-time with embedded communication and content-based monitoring
  • Remotely collaborate across teams to design, share and adopt custom and template IoT solutions

Design, simulate, deploy and manage your devices and solutions all in one place.

Example Use Case
Data formatting and analytics

User reads in data from the ctrlX CORE Data Layer, formats it for the upstream application, and sends it securely through MQTT client. User also performs windowed-averaging on the data, sets a threshold, and sends an email alert when the averaged data exceeds the threshold.

Integrate sensors and cameras

User adds a vibration sensor to detect abnormal vibration levels on equipment. User later adds a camera to recognize equipment status using a pre-built machine-learning model.

Cloud data analytics and dashboard

User collects data from 90 ctrlX CORE devices, performs statistical analysis on all the data, and plots the analysis result on a cloud-based dashboard. User then sends data and analysis result to a time-series database.

Take action based on real-time analysis directly from within fully customizable dashboard.

Vibration monitoring visualization example.

Prescient Devices Inc. - Edge

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Prescient Devices Inc. (PDI) empowers enterprise engineering teams with an open ecosystem to accelerate IoT development. Focusing on delivering the next wave of innovation within manufacturing, smart buildings, energy, and intelligent transportation, PDI’s industry-leading, low-code IoT software enables engineers, integrators, and data scientists to build sensor-to-cloud IoT solutions with simplicity and scalability.

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