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PROFINET - Read PROFINET Device App values from ctrlX PLC Engineering

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This article is about how to read PROFINET values from a ctrlX PLC Engineering program using the Data Layer. For this tutorial, it will be assumed that the user has correctly configured a ctrlX CORE plus X3 and receiving values via the PROFINET connection.  

If the user wants to read the PROFINET values from the Data Layer, the following steps are required:

  1. Go to "Settings"
  2. "Data Layer"
  3. Expand the tree as shown
  4. Check the realtime values

Read received data

Step 1: Open the program of the ctrlX PLC Engineering and create a new project

New project creation

Step 2: Communicate with the ctrlX CORE
  1. Right click over "Device"
  2. Press "Communication settings"Communication settings Menu access

  3. Write the ctrlX CORE's IP address
  4. Test the connection by clicking the "Run" button
  5. Close the window by pressing "Ok"ctrlX CORE Connection Test

Step 3: Add PROFINET Real time data
  1. Right click over "DataLayer_Realtime"
  2. "Edit" -> and press "Online from ctrlX CORE"Profinet device instances reading

  3. In Source, select the "profinet_device_instances", and add them to the projectProfinet device instances addition
  4. Select the scanned instances
  5. Add them to the project
  6. Close the window
    Profinet device instances addition

  7. Once the instances have been added to the project, the project tree should look as follows:Device tree
    As it can be seen, a 128byte input and output were configured in the PROFINET Device app.

    These inputs and outputs can be configured from the PROFINET Device app as shown in the following image:PROFINET Device app configuration

Step 4: Set up additional configuration to read the updated values
  1. Double click over "byte_128_in
  2. Access the "DataLayerNode I/O Mapping" tab 
  3. In the "Always updated variables" section, select "Enabled 2 (always in bus cycle task)"
    Activate variables update in ctrlX PLC Engineering program

Step 5:  Read values
  1. Login to generate code and transfer the PLC program to the ctrlX CORE
  2. Check the updated valuesValue reading
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