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Does the OEM do the updates etc. or can that be done by the end-user, too?

Updates can be done by users with the required role in the tenant where the device is registerd - so either party can do updates. Prerequisites: One has a ctrlX Device Portal tenant contracted from Bosch Rexroth. One has registered the device with consent of the device owner in the tenant.

Is the ctrlX Device Portal also for existing products like MTX, MLC?

No, it is not planned to support legacy products. We start in the first step with ctrlX CORE and add the support for more ctrlX AUTOMATION devices like the ctrlX DRIVE in the future.

Is there a way to control the update times remotely without having to rely on only plugging it in when you desire the update?

Ypi can set the acceptance of updates to "ask user" what will request the users permission on the device to start an update. Moreover, the requirement is known that one would like to set a specific time or date for an update. However, we will prioritize it on customers demand what has not happened.

Is it possible to update while the machine is running?

The technology supports independent updates of apps. Of course an app is stopped while updated. So if you update the firewall, the machine could continue to run where as it would stop if you update the motion app. Note: Currently there is a workaround "service mode" implemented what requires the controller to put all process into a save state and stop for updates.

If you have a ctrlX CORE with 10 drives, do you have 11 devices or 1 in the device portal?

Currently only the ctrlX CORE is supported. Technically you see 11 devices. How a device is counted on the payment plan is decided once the device type is supported.

Is the customer the only one, who has access to his control or can Bosch Rexroth remote access it for service? Can the customer choose to make his list completely private?

Today the list is completely private. Bosch Rexroth or anyone else can only access the customers tenant if the customer grants access rights for the respective user. That is quite complicated and static and requires the use of the ctrolX Device Portal by the customer. In the future we want to make this easier with the consent of our customers so that we can improve and simplify our service offers.

How many remote accesses can be active simultaneously?

No limit known.

What data volume can be transfered via the remote access?

From the browser what is used by the user to the device an upload of 100 MB and vice versa from the device to the browser of the user a download of 6 MB is possible. Please, note that the remote access is designed for configuration, web-based engineering and trouble shooting. Any data transfer e.g. for software updates is handled seperately and does not have the same limitations. The remote access shall only be used as a workaround for data transfer.

Can a single device be registered twice or even more times?

No, in one tenant a device can only be registered one time. A device can be registered in different tenants but currently it will only connect to the tenant where it was last registered. In order to register a device and prevent misuse a direct approval has to be given on the device.

Is it possible to store app updates in the cloud to deploy from anywhere?

App updates from Bosch Rexroth: Yes, they are made available via the ctrlX Device Portal after each release milestone automatically.
App updates of self programmed apps from the customer or third party: Yes, we support a "private repository" where the customer can store own apps.

What encryption method is used and what port has to be opened so that a ctrlX CORE can communicate with the ctrlX Device Portal cloud service?

The ctrlX CORE is using REST to send status information and commands. For the tunnel, it is using a secure websocket tunnel tunneling the "http requests" on Port 443. No VPN or other tcp connection needed. Please, consult the online documentation in order to get a list of server addresses what can be used for proxy and firewall configurations.



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