Digital Service Assistant

Digital Service Assistant

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Your fastest contact to the service

Our Digital Service Assistant is available around the clock directly on your mobile device. You can access our entire service portfolio at any time and get fast help in case of service. 

Use our services, such as hotline, spare parts and repairs, via smartphone directly in the production environment. The app offers high usability and easy identification of our components. A query of status information of the machine enables the correct further steps to be initiate and, if desired, all relevant data to be transmitted directly to us. Through easy registering our Rexroth components via app, you have further advantages.

  • Unlimited mobility.
  • Mobile access to all service tools.
  • Usable directly in the production environment.

  • Comprehensive time saving.
  • Continuous service workflow in one app.
  • Online diagnosis directly via the control.
  • Direct access to corresponding documentation.
  • Quick-link to spare parts and repair order.
  • Fast contact to the Helpdesk.

  • High usability.
  • Simple handling.
  • Fast product identification via integrated code scanner.

The current version of the app is designed for products of the Automation & Electrification Solutions, Industrial Hydraulics, Mobile Hydraulics and Linear Motion Technology business units.

Digital Service Assistant Home Screen Digital Service Assistant Home Screen
Online Diagnosis Using QR CodeOnline Diagnosis Using QR Code
Details To Online Diagnosis Screen 1Details To Online Diagnosis Screen 1
Details To Online Diagnosis Screen 2Details To Online Diagnosis Screen 2


Web Application

Digital Service Assistant is now also available as web application In this web version, the customer has nearly the same functionality as in the smart device version. One of the main difference is the manual input of the product information, e.g. serial number, material number or type description. The "Online diagnosis" function is only available in the smart device version and can be used in combination with ctrlX DRIVE.

Digital Service Assistant - Web interfaceDigital Service Assistant - Web interface

Digital Service Assistant

Digital Service Assistant

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