Bosch Cameras via MQTT on ctrlX CORE

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Task / Problem
  • Camera has only 1 relay output to trigger an alarm/message.
  • It is therefore not possible to distinguish between entering field and leaving field.
  • Local MQTT broker that transfers the alarms/messages to the physical world.
  • Connection of IP cameras from Bosch via MQTT to a ctrlX CORE.
  • Transmission of camera events to the application (line crossing, fire, smoke, entering field, leaving field, counter).
  • No use of an external MQTT broker.

The following Apps are active on the example ctrlX CORE:

  • MQTT Broker
  • Node-RED
  • PLC
  • EtherCAT

The MQTT Broker is available as a time license. Duration 12 months (costs: approx. 150€ p.a. for 110 connections).

Use Case Truck Parking Chemical Factory


  • Trigger Leaving Field is detected by the camera.
  • ctrlX CORE controls barrier.
  • As soon as the truck reaches its new area (Trigger Entering Field).
  • The barrier is closed by ctrlX CORE.
  • Further necessary releases can be linked within ctrlX CORE.

Use Case Counting people


  • Recording the counts of the individual cameras.
  • ctrlX CORE calculates the number of people in the building.
  • Access doors are opened or closed depending on the number of persons.
  • Information is transferred as a visualisation to the control room.


The following variants are therefore possible:

1st variant
  • MQTT + Node-RED + EtherCAT
  • Node-RED switches I/Os directly
  • no PLC necessary
  • Use of general IoT tools
2nd variant
  • MQTT + Node-RED + PLC + EtherCAT

Here, all advantages are now combined. Simple Node-RED application and extensive PLC programming where necessary.

AVIOTEC also reports fire and smoke via MQTT



Broker Configuration



Broker Information



Tree Topic of the Broker



Configuration Camera


  • Configuration of the MQTT connection in the camera
  • Since a secure connection to the broker is required, MQTTS must be used here instead of MQTT.
  • The IP address of the ctrlX core must be set as the address.
  • The port can be selected, standard ports for MQTT are 1883, 8883, ...
  • The broker on the controller also uses the password and user, so these must be entered here.


Node-RED application for a counter value



Settings MQTT Broker and PLC Variable



Value adjustments



Examples for Node-RED



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