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WebIQ Username & Password

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WebIQ Username & Password

Good day,

Can anyone please assist me with the username and password for the WebIQ 2.9.0 Designer.

I've tried username "admin" and password "boschrexroth" but it does not work. If someone has changed the username and password, how do you reset the username and password if you do not have it? I've tried uninstalling the software and installing it again but that doesn't work.

Looking forward to your reply.




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Re: WebIQ Username & Password

Hello Hendri,

the only way currently is to uninstall the WebIQ snap. This will also remove all apps that you have already created with WebIQ.

Sascha Kimmel

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Re: WebIQ Username & Password

Hi Sascha,

I've now tried uninstalling it and installing an older version of the application and still the username "admin" and password "boschrexroth" does not work.... Does this mean I cannot use the application at all anymore?



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Re: WebIQ Username & Password

Hello Hendri.

I have tried to use the cmd of the Windows to reset the old password and it worked, here I attach what I did:

  1. Stop the WebIQ Server. Either
    • Right click server in task bar & select "Stop" or
    • Press Windows key type "services" to start Service App, locate "WebIQ Server" in list, right click item, select "Stop" or
    • Run "Command Prompt" as Admin. Enter command: net stop "WebIQ Server"
  2. Open the cmd of the Windows and go to the
    • 32 bit: "C:/Program Files (x86)/WebIQ/Server" folder, type this command: cd "Program Files (x86)/WebIQ/Server"
    • 64 bit: "C:/Program Files/WebIQ/Server" folder, type this command: cd "Program Files/WebIQ/Server"
  3. Then type this command: connect.exe --reset-admin-password --keep-console (be sure that you stopped the server)
    • Old versions:
      • If everything is ok It will return an info, with the new password!
      • Copy this code to your clipboard and then open again the WebIQ Designer
      • Login with the username: admin and the password copied to your clipboard, if everything is ok the program will ask you to change the password
    • New versions:
    • webIQ-new-user.png
  4. Then you can close the WebIQ Designer, start the WebIQ Server again and reopen the WebIQ Designer, then it should work

Hope this helps,

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Re: WebIQ Username & Password

Description to to reset password for different WebIQ version you find on WebIQ homepage, but you must login yourself: