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Use WebIQ to Display a simplified digital Twin

Use WebIQ to Display a simplified digital Twin

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I have a customer who would like to create his own HMI. He would need to display the form contour of a piece he would like to bend. 

Specifically that means he would like to have a graph that could move the piece in accordance how it would be bent in reality. The customer would do all the calculations and provide the vectors and data needed for the display. I am specifically wondering if there is already a library or method to implement dynamical graphical displays to achieve such a result in WebIQ. 

I would be glad if I could talk to someone to specify packages etc to suggest to the customer?


Thank you


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The answer cannot be generalized as it depends completely on the specific requirements of the project and you'd have to choose the best option for that specific purpose.

In general, WebIQ can do no more than any other website in a browser (as WebIQ is using only open technologies and does not require any browser plugins). There are several options:

All of these could be integrated in WebIQ, however it's up to the WebIQ user to build an HMI with these tools and libraries.

Please also keep in mind that realtime rendering 3D in the browser requires GPU support and many IPCs do not have the sufficient GPU hardware. As 3D rendering would take place in the browser the system where the browser is displaying the HMI is required to have corresponding GPU power, not WebIQ server e.g. running on ctrlX because that would not render any graphics.


If it is a 3D model you are looking to display, I have solutions for various file formats integrating ThreeJS with WebIQ. Let me know if you'd like more information or example code.