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Tips to use localization in WebIQ

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Tips to use localization in WebIQ

How can I change the default language?
How can I use the export file?


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Re: Tips to use localization in WebIQ

How can I change the default language?

The only way to do this in WebIQ 1.10 is changing a json file.

  • Publish your project, to have a backup, if anything fails
  • Edit file: %AppData%\webiq-designer\workspace\json\local\index.json
  • Replace item “default” language (marked blue) with any of the other languages (marked red)
    "default": "de-DE",   
    "locales": {
        "de-DE": {
            "label": "Deutsch",
            "region": "DE",
            "keyboard": "de"
        "en-GB": {
            "label": "English",
            "region": "GB",
            "keyboard": "us"
    // end of file not shown here
  • Save file
  • Close “Localization Manager” to enable update
  • Open it again. Verify that the default language changed.
How can I use the export file?


I added a new language and exported it. The file (csv and json) only contains the localization variables, but I need the texts of my default language to be able to translate it.


In WebIQ 1.10 there is no way to create a export file with multiple languages. But you can do it by yourself.

  • Export a csv file with the 1st language (containing your texts)
  • Export a csv file with the 2nd language (which should be translated)
  • Open both files in Excel
  • Copy content of 1st file into 2nd file into columns D+E (the order of the keywords is identical)
  • Translate everything
  • Remove all columns except A + B
  • Save csv file
  • Import csv file into WebIQ
  • Use Excel function =IF(A1=D1;” ”;”x”)to verify if varNames are identical



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Re: Tips to use localization in WebIQ

also this ticket is old: In WebIQ 2.12 the default language can be set in the Localisation Manager:


Choose a language that is not the default language. Then you can make it the default language via the Settings menu.
Have fun with WebIQ.