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Motion/core/extension i_kin_cfg.h compile error!


Motion/core/extension i_kin_cfg.h compile error!

Because I want to use C++ program to get and set kinmatics parameter. I can see it provides class IKinCfg in i_kin_cfg.h file.

In this class, there are functions to edit or get the kinmatics parameter,like below:


But when I include this i_kin_cfg.h file to my program, compile error shows that file i_mcs.h has an error which i_kin_cfg.h includes. And in i_mcs.h file, it includes a file named "motion/math/defines/axis_trafo_defs.h" which never exists in SDK include folder or anywhere else.

Below is the .h file provided by sample sdk:




So how to fix this problem?

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Re: Motion/core/extension i_kin_cfg.h compile error!

Sorry for the late reply. Is this still an open topic? Could you tell us which version of the SDK you are using?


Re: Motion/core/extension i_kin_cfg.h compile error!

Yes, it's still a issue. I am using 1.14.3 SDK.  And Nick had told me in another online meeting that he understood the topic and is connecting the motion R&D department for the solutions, no result yet.

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Re: Motion/core/extension i_kin_cfg.h compile error!

I got some news for you. The interface in the i_kin_cfg.h is only for the internal use for motion app itself. So it can't be used by your RT-Bundle. 

If you want to access kinematic parameters you can use the Data Layer interface of the motion app instead. You can find the interface for the kinematics configuration at this Data Layer path: "motion/kin/<name of your kinematic>/cfg" (see my screenshot). This interface is documented here




Re: Motion/core/extension i_kin_cfg.h compile error!

Actually, I have tried the single axis parameter reading and writing by the "motion/core/extension/i_axs_cfg.h" which is also provided in the SDK sample include file. Like below:


And the single axis parameter operation is normally achieved without any error. So I though the "motion/core/extension i_kin_cfg.h" will support the similar function like the  "motion/core/extension/i_axs_cfg.h". In this way, it will be easier to use and faster than the interface in datalayer.

However, if the "i_kin_cfg.h" is only for the internal use, I have no choice  but to operate the kin parameter by the interface in datalayer.