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Position Target Interpreter - doesn't acknowledge change sometimes

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Position Target Interpreter - doesn't acknowledge change sometimes

Bold text is taken from HDx-20 Parameter; Reference Book.

"Upon every edge of bit 0 (toggle bit) of S-0-0346, the content of "S-0-0282, Positioning command value", is, depending on bit 3 of S-0-0346, copied to parameter S-0-0430 (when bit 3 = 0 → absolute target position)..."

"Via "S-0-0419, Positioning command acknowledge" (bit 0), the drive acknowledges that it has accepted the positioning command value. This allows realizing a data handshake for monitoring the command value acceptance between master and drive."

In some cases, when S-0-0346 bit 0 is toggled, S-0-0419 does not acknowledge the change and S-0-0430 does not update to the new S-0-0282 value. What can cause a change in S-0-0282 position command value to go unacknowledged when S-0-0346 bit 0 is toggled?

"If a positioning process is interrupted by switching bits 1 and 2 of S-0-0346 from status "00" to"01", "10" or "11", a repeated edge reversal has to take place in bit 0 in order to start a new positioning process! A residual path possibly present is cleared, i.e. the status of bit 4 of S-0-0346 is automatically interpreted as "1" during the next positioning process." 

This is not the cause because we are not changing bits 1 or 2 in S-0-0346.

"If the "drive-controlled positioning" mode is not yet active, the acceptance of the new positioning command value is not acknowledged. If bit 0 of S-0-0346 is unequal to bit 0 of S-0-0419 while this operation mode is being activated, the positioning command value from S-0-0282 is immediately accepted and the drive moves to this command value."

If the force controller is active as a result of alternating control, will the "drive-controlled positioning" mode be inactive? How does alternating control effect the intended behaviour of the position target interpreter?

Attached files: structure of position target interpreter, screenshot of signals showing unacknowledged command toggle.


Re: Position Target Interpreter - doesn't acknowledge change sometimes


have you tried to use P-0-4077 bit 0/7/6 (Control word) and P-0-4078 (Status word)?

In my application "drive-controlled positioning" i have no problem with these parameters. You can also change the target on the fly with a toggle of start bit.