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Common IndraDrive fault codes and descriptions

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Common IndraDrive fault codes and descriptions

Are there any known common IndraDrive fault codes and descriptions for it?

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Re: Common IndraDrive fault codes and descriptions

This is a collection of popular fault codes that were searched for on another Rexroth online forum that has since been shut down.

The best place to find fault code information is to download IndraWorks Ds with the drive help files.  You can find this on our main website, under any IndraDrive page in the Downloads section.  Look for "Release IndraWorks Ds 15v14_(incl. online help)" as an example.  Here is one location that works today: IndraDrive Cs Drives.  You can also find the download on the IndraWorks Engineering page. Install this on your PC and you will have full html help files for IndraDrive firmware including a complete listing of fault codes, their explanation and possible remedies.  A short description of some fault codes are listed here, primarily to aid search engine request to find the information.  The accepted responses from the forum are included but again, the most accurate resource is the Help Files in IndraWorks Ds.

F2187 - Loss of encoder 1 reference - This means that the motor encoder needs to be referenced with internal drive command Set Absolute Reference. It can be done directly with the commissioning software or with external controller. 

E8028 and F8079 - Question: After change ball bearing on servo motor, on servo drive appear error 8028 and F8079 - Answer: Is it a Rexroth motor and if so, was it repaired at a Rexroth facility?  It seems that the encoder may have been damaged or incorrectly re-connected during the repair.  This is my only guess, since the problem began after the repair.  I would suggest contacting your local Rexroth service center to evaluate the motor for correct encoder operation.  If it is a 3rd party motor, the motor might need to be re-commutated since the orientation of the encoder and motor shaft might have changed after the repair.  On Rexroth motors, this information is stored in the encoder memory.  For 3rd party devices, it is stored in the drive. 

F8069 - +/- 15Volt DC error - This is a problem with the logic power supply for the drive.  24 VDC is applied to the drive, then it is converted internally to 15VDC.  So, I would first check the state of the external 24VDC power supply to make sure it is providing the proper voltage.  If that checks out, the power section of the drive, where the 24v to 15v converter resides, is probably in need of repair.  If this drive is also connected to multiple drives, sharing the same 24VDC bus, and the other drives do not show this error, then it definitely points to a problem with that specific drive's power section.  You can contact your local Rexroth support office for help with a repair.

E2077 - Absolut encoder monitoring, encoder 1 - There is a problem with the drive's ability to read the encoder signal.  A first step would be to check the simple things.  Is the motor encoder cable connected to the same drive as the power cable? Are the power cable and drive properly grounded?  Are the shield connections of the power cable properly grounded?  After that, it comes to finding out if the motor, drive or cable has an issue.  If you have multiple drives, it is probably easiest to test the drive first.  If the application and safety allows for it, switch the cable from one drive to another.  If the error stays with the drive, then the drive has the problem.  If the error moves to the new drive, the problem is in the motor or cable.  The same process can be repeated with the motor if another motor can be reached with the encoder cable.  This will help you know if it is the cable or motor.  But likely one of those three is defective for some reason.

F4012 - Incorrect I/O Length after Sercos communication - If your Comms set up Sercos Ring for the Drives, I would suggest you use Profinet to the Drive from the PLC. I've also ran into an issue with a Siemens PLC with CS Drives where the starting word address was not where I expected. I don't remember the details, But I believe it had to do with Byte swapping. 

C0212 - Invalid control section data (->S-0-0423) - You should use IndraWorks Ds (or another IndraWorks version) to connect to the drive and see what parameters are listed in S-0-0423.  The parameters listed there have invalid values that are preventing the drive from moving from Parameter Mode to Operation Mode.  It might be possible to adjust the value in this parameter so that the drive will run again.  This can be true if someone has been adjusting parameters and entered a value for the wrong parameter by accident.  If the drive has been running untouched for some time and this error occurs, you will probably need to contact our service department as suggested above.

F2818 - Question: My customer gave me an invterter type HCS01.1E-W0008-A-03-B-ET-EC-NN-S4-NN-FW. Now I want to use this part for programming and testing in my home office. This inverter needs 3-phase supply. But I only have normal house hold sockets with 1 phase 230V. I alredy set p0860 bit 13 to 0 (phase monitoring switched off). But when I switch on the 24 volts the next time, the parameter bit switched back to 1 again. So is there it possible to switch this bit to 0 all the time?  Answer: For your drive, single phase mains power is not allowed.  Your HCS01 drive has the "-03" designation which means that the acceptable mains power is in the 200-500V/3ph range.  (The "-02" version of the HCS01 does allow single phase power.)

F3135 - Dynamization Pulse error - This means there is a wiring problem in your safety system on the drive.  A special pulse is put on the wire to verify that the signal is not "jumped" by someone trying to bypass it.  You can read more about it in the Drive Help files that are available in the IndraWorks Ds download.

F8055 - After a power machine cycle mainly when the machine was deenergized for a long period of time (more than an hour), the HCS03 compact drives gave the fault F8055, this was because of there was just a power supply for the machine and the inrush current on startup caused that failure, another thing that happened was that the Drive passed to inverter mode automatically. The failure was corrected connecting an exclusive power supply for the Drives.