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Code dump from Visual studio on C#


Code dump from Visual studio on C#


One of our Cusotmers is communicating with XM2 with Visual Studio 2019 using C#

All the inputs reading and output writing with inline IO's is done via Visual studio

All necessary interlocks are also developed in Visual studio

All the programs will be devloped once .

Can the program work without Visual Studio runtime running?(Connection between Visual studio and XM2 will be disconnected)

Concept is like can we dump the program developed in visual Studio inside XM2?

Customer request is like-How we develop all necessary programs in Indralogic once and dump inside XM2 and then disconnect Indralogic/Indraworks,but still prorgam keeps running .

In the same way can this be possible with Visual Studio?


Means can we run the code directly on device without run time running?

By using WindRiver Can this be achieved?


Customer has some extracts from below link





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Re: Code dump from Visual studio on C#

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Re: Code dump from Visual studio on C#

Hello Samkarshan,

When the customer developed an application in C#, then that application is communicating with the XM2 from a PC. Visual Studio is just the development environment. It creates a windows executable (*.exe), which can then be executed and communicates with the XM2.

This executable can NOT be used on the XM2, because the XM2 does not run on windows. You would need the Windriver Workbench OEM as a development environment and create a “bundle”. That bundle can then be loaded on the XM2 and be executed without any further external programs. This would be similar to Indralogic, where you create your program, download it to the control and it will run on the control each time you start it.

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