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Support of EtherCAT junction and EtherCAT hub

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Support of EtherCAT junction and EtherCAT hub

We want to realise a EtherCAT star topology with a ctrlX CORE and several S20-EC-BK. Do we support EtherCAT junction and EtherCAT hub devices t.e. CU1128 from Beckhoff?

We need a star topology to realise systems with a high reliability and availability. One broken device should not shut down the whole system.

Any interoperability tests/results are welcome.


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Re: Support of EtherCAT junction and EtherCAT hub

The mentioned Beckhoff device CU1128 makes trouble when using the scanning function, when the EC configuration is adjusted manually it works.

An alternative will be a ctrlX IO XB-EC-12 with an upcoming XB-EC-31 (t-plug) where similar to the Beckhoff device a tree can be build. And the good thing here, the scanning is working fine.


When using these configurations, each EC Slave must be in an own Sync Unit otherwise when one is missing or in failure all other data will get invalid too.

May others know alternative solutions.

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Re: Support of EtherCAT junction and EtherCAT hub

@cc2gowill we be able to use the XB-EC-31 on the local IO of the ctrlX COREplus X3?

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Re: Support of EtherCAT junction and EtherCAT hub

Yes, the ctrlX COREplus X3 or X7 with XB-EC-31 is possible. Have it with a ctrlX COREplus X3 running on my desk.

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Re: Support of EtherCAT junction and EtherCAT hub

Can we support star and line topology with the Ethercat hub and/or junction?

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Re: Support of EtherCAT junction and EtherCAT hub

The hardware topology can be a line or star. Internally in the switches it will be reconfigured to a line again.