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OPC UA Client: Can I save a user defined configuration permanently?

OPC UA Client: Can I save a user defined configuration permanently?

New Contributor

I did some tests with the OPC UA Client app v1.6.2 on a real CORE. The communication to a external OPC UA server was successful. But after a reboot of the CORE, the configuration is always lost. How can I save my configuration?


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Hi LunatiX,

currently this is not possible. You have to configure the client after every reboot over the datalayer. As it is always the same steps for configuring, you can easly slove this in simple programmed routine. You need this routine anywhere for your initial configuration.

Do you see an use-case by which this ist not practical?

Best regards,


Hi smueller

I was curious to see how the OPC UA client app would be implemented. I've expected, that the App will provide a webpage to configure the client(s) and to save the configuration (like the motion app, add axis and save them).

For me it's not the right way to configure the opc ua client in a own and additional app. The configuration should be as easy like in the IoT Gateway Software.


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is there any News on this topic? What is the reason why the configuration is lost after a reboot?

Could you please provide a working example for the simple programmed routine you mentioned?

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Hi jaquaree,

in the moment we work on an update for our opc ua client including the feature that the configuration will be saved permanently. Furthermore the datalayer interface will be improved and plc function blocks for opc ua client will be added.

All this shloud be included in the next release.

Best regards,


There is a persistent flag that needs to be set while creating the client configuration. With this it will be still there after reboot. What needs to be done at least is to connect/start it, because there is no automatic start function in the actual version.

    "name": "ctrlX_192.168.1.1",
    "endpointUrl": "opc.tcp://",
    "sessionConfiguration": {
        "userToken": {
            "userIdentityToken_type": "TokenUserPassword",
            "userIdentityToken": {
                "username": "boschrexroth",
                "password": "***"
        "messageSecurityMode": {
            "messageSecurityMode": "SIGN"
        "securityPolicy": {
            "securityPolicy": "BASIC256SHA256"
        "localeIds": [
    "timeoutConfiguration": {
        "browseCallTimeout": 10000,
        "discoveryTimeout": 60000,
        "publishTimeout": 60000,
        "readCallTimeout": 10000,
        "sessionTimeout": 3600000,
        "watchdogTimeout": 5000,
        "writeCallTimeout": 10000,
        "callCallTimeout": 10000
    "persistent": true