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ctrlX Drive as a CoE Slave drived with Softmotion

ctrlX Drive as a CoE Slave drived with Softmotion

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Hello all,

We have a customer who is driving a ctrlX Drive with EtherCAT CoE through an Innovance PLC using the CiA 402 protocol with Softmotion,

The problem is when he uses the MC_PowerON Block, in the CiA 402 protocol the bits 0,1,2 and 3 should remain to TRUE (following a sequence) if we want to go from Ab to AF, however in this case just the bits 0, 1 and 2 are TRUE so is not possible for the axis to go from Ab to AF,

I have tried to do the same thing with a ctrlX Core driving a XCS with CoE and Softmotion and the same happens, so when I activate the inputs of the fb nothing happens,

If I try to activate the Drive via the control word directly or via PLC Open it works so it seems that is a problem of Softmotion,

Does someone know how can I proceed?

Many thanks,


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Is bDriveStart set for the MC_Power? What does the status word look like?

A trace with control and status word would be helpful. In addition the compiler define SM3_CIA402_LOG_STATE_CHANGES can be set. Then the state transitions of the state machine are logged. This log would also be helpful.

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Yes, the bDriveStart is set,

It is strange because if I activate the bRegulator input nothing happens and then when I activate the bDriveStart Input then the bits 0, 1 and 2 are TRUE and the bit 3 FALSE when it should be also TRUE,

We have tried with an IndraDrive and the same happens,

As I wrote before if I write the ctrl Word without Softmotion, directly via parameters it works in IndraDrive and in ctrlX Drive






race of the status word:



Trace of the ctrl Word:



Good Afternoon, Regarding this issue, the problem seems to come from the status check of the parameter 0x6061 with respect to 0x6060.

The internal bit _bCheckOpMode manages this option and if it is disabled the system boots without problems. (SoftMotion MC_Power)



At the moment and to solve the problem, the following program lines are implemented. This allows you to use Sotfmotion's MC_Power.



Really, this whole system of "Fast commissioning" and implementation of ctrlX Core / ctrlX Drive is a real drama... failures here... failures there


Best Regards

Jordi Laboria



Thanks Jordi for helping !
Great! Plug and Produce!

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Thank you Jordi,

I have tried this in a ctrlX Drive and it works!

Good morning, for the correct control and to be able to use the module, you should modify the previously commented lines and use the ones indicated here.

In this way and using the "Busy" signal you can use the module. It is not the best option but there are only three lines to add in the program and allows you to work with the rest of the elements of SoftMotion



Best Regards

Jordi Laboria



Good morning,

Attached a new info on this topic.

Perhaps at the level of use it is not as clean as the one described above, but it is better "understood" what we are doing.

The problem with all this is that we cannot "quickly" disable the "_bCheckOpMode" bit.

However, we can do it if we use the state Machine control module provided by the CIA402.

In the example, my axis is called DriveCoE and this is the one that contains the internal access data to the Softmotion functional structure.

In the State Machine module the StatusWord must be added, otherwise it will not start and very importantly the wControlWord as it appears in the image.

the ConfigurationPhase structure must also be added


 With this option and if you try to put a variable in the "_b CheckOpMode" input, you can test that if this input is active the system does not work and that if you set it to FALSE the system is activated


Best Regards

Jordi Laboria