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codesys Soft Motion / MC_TouchProbe

codesys Soft Motion / MC_TouchProbe

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It looks like the fb "MC_TouchProbe" doesn't work. 

Does someone has experience with Touch Probe with codesys SoftMotion.




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If you wand to use the probe function in the Drive the easyed way is to add the signal word to the drive telegramm.

See the discribtion.

And then you can add the drive function to the signal comand word and to the siganl staus word.






Same problem here,

Yes, with the Signal Ctrl Word and Status Word works but this is via parameters, not Softmotion,

It should work with the MC_Touchprobe function block and I have also modified the .xml of the softmotion but the problem still persists,

Is this still an issue or can this topic be closed?

It is an issue the MC_TouchProbe should work with the Drive



I test probe function in drive with external signal, and it works.

First, you need to add signal word to drive telegram


Then, add the signal to PLC Data Layer Realtime node


And last, when the probe signal triggered, you can got the record position.





Yes, it works with the bFastLatching = FALSE that could do the thing in some applications (the probe is executed in the cycle of the task)

Ideally it should be executed in the Drive with the bFastLatching = TRUE, however it seems that this option is not working

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I do agree with Eric.

We need to read the position which has been latched by the drive in order to be acurate

MC-touch prode doesn't work because My goal is to get rid of the PlcTask.

I tried to read the latched position S130 of the drive In the AT but then there is a problem because S130 if not in the same unit of the Feedback position of Codesys soft which is calculated in the PLC.


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To use MC_TouchProbe with ctrlXDriveSoe you must configure the AT  and the RealCtrlBit(ex:S301<=S405) and RealStatusbit (ex:S305<=S409)

the AT the latched positons (ex: S130) 

Have a look to the attached documentation

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The problems do arise, because there is no official driver for the CtrlX Drive SoE yet, and you did probably use the standard SoE drive driver for the drive.

The development of the SoE driver for the IndraDrive is still in progress (stand 09.2023) and there are still a few problems here (including with the TouchProbe), which are not yet finally addressed.

Information received on this topic (for a current solution/workaround, that the MC_TouchProbe should also work here) is:
- remove S-0-0405 and S-0409 from the MDT and include these parameters in the real-time control bits S-0-0301 and S-0-0305.
(See attachment)

So as soon as the driver development for CtrlX Drive SoE is finished, and available, the problem will be solved.