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Writeback error in DeviceBridge

Writeback error in DeviceBridge

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I am trying to use Device Bridge to interface with a Datalogic BC9180 barcode reader through Modbus TCP.

I can read holding registers fine through tags, but need to be able to write to certain holding registers as a part of the Datalogic's handshake protocol.

I have tried writing back using the business rule section in both a Dynamic and JSON collector. I have enabled writeback settings in the collector, however I get a 'writeback is disabled' error when trying to run the collector.

In the Device Bridge settings, there is no tab for 'Write Back Settings' - this is strange as the Device Bridge User Manual, and everyone else (e.g. Rajvir seems to have these write back settings.

I also do not have the option to select my script type for the business rule (Csharp or Blockly) - everyone else seems to have this option.

I have double checked the following:

  • valid license
  • valid user permissions (logged in as boschrexroth administrator - full priveleges)
  • using latest version of Device Bridge 3.2.4
  • I am able to write to the holding registers using a separate Modbus TCP program (outside of CtrlX works)

I guess I am just confused as to why I cannot see any 'WriteBack settings' in Device Bridge settings.

I have attached all relevant photos to this post.

If it helps, I get an 'app is not installed' warning in the licenses section of the CtrlX web app, however from my research, this seems to just be a bug. I have confirmed in the DeviceBridge Home section that I have a valid license.

I appreciate any help.



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Hello Gonzalez,

Good Day !!

we understand your concern.

Request to share your NT Id, I'll share the ctrlX latest arm64 snap version over teams channel for you.

(Cannot attach here due to the size constraint)


Hope that works



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Short update on the below concern

Currently the feature is under development and Modbus write back feature will be available in next release



Product Support